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Default The Navy Lark

As far as I am aware only the SNP Members of Parliament demanded a full and proper estimate of the cost of building and running Trident.

Some authorities suggest the costs could be 200 billion and this true price is being hidden from Members of Parliament and the public.

Information concerning the developments in artificial intelligence and tracking devices that could render the nuclear submarine obsolete were not mentioned. A proper cost benefit analysis to compare Trident with alternative methods of dealing with belligerent countries or terrorists was not carried out.

I wonder if safety, security and protection issues fully took into account collisions by bad nuclear submarine navigation? The latest incident reminds me of "The Navy Lark"

The Navy Lark was a spoof on the Senior Service and was one of the longest running comedy shows ever. The first series was set on an island off Portsmouth and later the antics took place aboard HMS Troutbridge. The crew consisted of the Number One, played by Dennis Price and later Stephen Murray, the Sub-Lieutenant (Leslie Phillips) a silly-ass whose cry of "Left hand down a bit" meant impending doom for whichever port they were docking in, or whatever vessel was nearby, and Petty Officer Pertwee, played by Jon Pertwee.

Do I recall correctly these panic problems and instructions to the helm would often end up with an expression something like "Lummee - we've hit the pier again"
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Default Re: The Navy Lark

I've seen a few episodes of this.
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Default Re: The Navy Lark

Imagine the laughs writers of "Yes Minister" would get from the current political situation with the Ministers fighting amongst themselves on demarcation of duties and the Prime Minister acting as umpire but calling foul from the Civil Service allegedly undermining all Brexit plans to ensure the City remains a world financial centre!

Seriously...... Trident replacement now approved

Right now we have the inadequate funding of NHS to be cut by 20 billion to pay for it!!!!

In view statement on the red Brexit battle bus we should now be increasing rather than reducing the funding of the NHS.

The people have spoken ... if Brexit is to move ahead they want the best health service the world and for it to be free to qualifying citizens.
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