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Default Nero v5.5.2.3

What's New:

- After a successful burn, the main Nero window was not maximised if it was previously set to be maximised.
- The calculation of the time needed to erase a CD-RW has been improved.
- Corrections made to creating Video and SuperVideo CDs:
* Pauses between differing tracks was being ignored when menus were used
* Some players couldn't properly forward/reverse between tracks
* Menus were being encoded in PAL, even if NTSC was chosen
- Problems starting Nero with the anti-virus package DrWeb have been fixed.
- The burning of image files has been optimised. The time needed to generate relocation information has been significantly reduced.
- The archive attribute is cleared when burning Multi-session CDs. This can only be turned off in the expert menu.
- Improvements to the import and creation of freedb databases
- The statusbar now supports 900MB (100 minutes)
- USB2 now fully supported
- Small GUI improvements
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I'll have to download that update for Nero today, I'm probably the olny saddo who went out and bought a legal copy of Nero, but considering I use it alot I think that 10 was well justified.

Is the juice worth the squeeze ?
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I got Nero with my CD-RW.
So your not the only peep that paid for it

Mind you I had bought Nero 4 before anyway.
Best CDR program there is. nero is
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It's the best for Audio in it's class. Although there are better but more expensive options. But the best on the whole is Adaptec or what ever it's called now.

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and you say you are only Slightly Mental.........

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