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Old 03-December-2001, 00:30
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Unhappy who's nicked the rest of the hard drive

I've been having a look at this site for a while and it looks good so tonight I joined and I have my first question that I hope someone can answer.

My sister has a problem with her Tiny Computer. It has a 12 gig hard drive but for some reason Windows 98 only recognises about 8 gig of it. System Info says 7gb used 1gb spare. The system has not been upgraded and it always used to recognise the whole drive. She has run scandisk and defragged the drive. Defrag took a whole day and she said there were about 1.5 million clusters.

I haven't a clue about this problem and Tiny give their usual format and re-install advice which she would prefer not to do if at all posssible. Have told her to back up all her stuff just in case this is a hard drive about to fail but for all I know this could be a simple software problem.

Has anyone come across this before.


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Old 03-December-2001, 00:54
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I'm no expert.

Try reading this link OK


There are peeps on here that are VERY helpful thats definite.

Keep reading and someone will come up with an ansa.
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Old 03-December-2001, 22:12
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Theres probably 2 explanations:

1. Tiny only partitioned the drive to 8GB, leaving ~4GB blowing in the wind. (Not sure why they`d do this, but hey, its Tiny)

You can check this by either going into the BIOS and seeing what size it reckons the drive is, or running Fdisk from a dos prompt, and choosing option 4, (show disk info)

2. Your motherboard BIOS only supports drives upto 8GB, this is the more feasible option as this was one of the landmark HDD size restrictions (was 540MB, then 8GB, now its 128GB) A Bios upgrade *may* fix this, but this is not to be undertake lightly

For this you need to find out the make and model of motherboard, this can be done using the BIOS ID string, for a more indepth explanation, and some programs to help you do it have a look at this page : http://www.motherboards.org/moboidtools.html

Especially Bios Wizard : http://www.motherboards.org/files/programs/bwz-rel.exe

Also "Zen and the art of motherboard identification" (or something like that) http://www.motherboards.org/articles...des/910_1.html
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Old 04-December-2001, 02:37
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Thanks for the info fellas.

I am going to have a look at the pc on thursday so I will bare in mind what you said Ian, although my sis reckons she always used to be able to see the whole 12 gig so that would rule these two possibilities out. I'll check it myself just to make sure.

Fridgebuzz, the link you pasted seems pretty useful, I know the fat file systems means you get a certain amount of wasted space or "slack" as they call it but I can't believe that would be as much as 30%. The 4 gb that can't be seen would be about 33% of the drive so I guess this could be a possible answer if that amount of wastage is possible.

If FDISK shows 12gb then I will see what partition magic can do (this is one of the suggestions from the PCguide link), to see if making the cluster sizes smaller will free up more space. I can understand why this would make some difference so i'll let you know what happens.

Any other ideas?

btw, what is with Tiny's support staff, do they always go for a re-install. Reason I ask is that a couple of weeks ago my sis downloaded an updated driver for her graphics card from tiny's own website. Immediately after doing this she got the dodgy driver syndrome and everything went haywire, after spending 15 mins on the phone(9) the best they could come up with was "sorry you will have to re-install the lot". Fortunately she didn't and now that she knows safe mode-remove driver should have been the instructions she's feeling pretty ****ed. I've told her to sign up here, she'll save a load of dosh and get more sensible answers.
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