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Default Emails not be received

I am sending emails to my daughter by Outlook Express. I am with Tiscali (TalkTalk) and she is with BT.

Over the last two weeks she has only been receiving a random few emails from me. I am now numbering them so she knows that some are missing.

If I resend them from the 'sent' folder she generally receives them.

I am now sending the original and at the same time 'forwarding' the same email from the 'sent' folder.

She is receiving the 'forwarded' one but still not the original.

Any ideas what can be done to resolve this please. Thank you.
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Question Re: Emails not be received

Hi Pisces
I don't know the answer but suspect the problem is TalkTalk as I have a friend who emails me from TalkTalk from timer to time and his emails do not always get to me - although to be fair it's been ok the last week or so.

Have you thought about paying for you own email address (I've had one for years now) with someone like 1&1 or Fasthosts (and many others)? Alternatively one of the free ones like Google or Hotmail.
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Default Re: Emails not be received

Get a gmail address from google.
Go to gmail settings and allow google to send email for the talktalk account.
Change the smtp server in Outlook Express to use the google account to send the email.

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Default Re: Emails not be received

Thank you both for your replies. I will look into your suggestions.
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Lightbulb Re: Emails not be received

Outlook express has never let me down so I think you can eliminate the application as the problem.

Having said that the newer "Live" edition of OE is supposed to work better for certain providors.
I do not use it as I have never had a problem with OE6.

It may be the server settings within the acount options.
Check on your providors website to collect the correct POP & SMTP settings.
Then check the settings within Accounts/Properties/Server and /advanced.

Normally the message would fail to be sent and not "get lost" after being sent ok.

As the settings do not generally change without notice, and you say that it works sometimes, I guess that your settings may be fine.
But worth a quick look to check anyway.

It maybe that the spam filters on the BT account are set a little high or your TalkTalk email address has not been added to the trusted list.
That is normally done on the providors web interface for the email account and not in OE.

Obviously make sure that any software/firewall on your own machine is not responcible for blocking the message.

Another option is to "Request Read Receipts" on your emails.
That way, you get a confirmation email when the message has been opened.

A note on Read Receipts.
The Receipt process can be intercepted by the recipient !
So not getting a delivered message email, does not prove that the message was not received.

But now we are bringing doubt and suspicion into the the whole matter
I presume that we can rule out the possibility that the messages were received and it was best to claim they were not !!

Email is normally a reliable transportation method.
Do you ever get a failure notification email from your TT server ?
They normally give a reason why the message failed.

Having said all that , it's all pot luck in this digital age..

Good luck if you have not sorted it already..


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