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Old 24-March-2013, 12:14
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Default mysql server replicate or forward?


I have the following scenario. I have a mysql server running in a LAN. The clients in the LAN do not have, and are not allowed, Internet access. They run a little app that uses the database and inserts records into a table. It works fine but..

I need the users to install the app at home too. The mysql server in the LAN does have Internet connectivity but will not accept incoming connections. (I am powerless to change this).

I set up an online mysql server which works with the app from home, but of course the two twin databases are not synchronised.

I wonder if it is possible to forward the SQL requests from the LAN through the local msql server to the online one, or is there a way to sync/replicate the databases? The records that are put into the table have an auto incremented primary key.

My name is snoozy and I am an sql newbie!
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Old 24-March-2013, 22:08
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Default Re: mysql server replicate or forward?

If anyone else is struggling with this look at mysql proxy. It listens on port 4040 and redirects to a server of your choice. Will find out tomorrow if the one machine in the LAN with Internet access can get out on the default 3306 port.
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Old 26-March-2013, 13:37
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Default Re: mysql server replicate or forward?

I was going to suggest a proxy, if the mysql server will only accept clients that are within the LAN then a proxy running on the same LAN but with internet access will proxy the external requests and it will appear as though those requests are coming from the LAN side

however if you are able (allowed) to do that then why not open the mysql server to the internet

having said that a much more secure method would be to allow external users some form of vpn into the LAN and then you are protecting the network / mysql server etc and once the VPN is connected the external users will appear as though they are on the LAN side
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