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Exclamation A further ten days

Just to share this, you get a further ten days once the initial 21 days is up.

I suspect they will keep extending the offer, just to ensure most people migrate across to Anytime.

Dear Freeserve Unlimited member,

The Unlimited Freeserve Time service is being replaced by the new
Freeserve AnyTime service. As a result the Unlimited Time service is to
be phased out by 31 August 2001.

Under Clause 5.1.2 of the contract for Unlimited Freeserve Time we are
required to give you 30 days notice that the service will be
terminated. This e-mail dated (29/06/2001) serves as the start of that
notice period.

Under clause 5.4 of the contract, you will remain responsible for all
charges that you may have incurred for use of that service. We ask that
you ensure all bills are fully paid, or in the event of any dispute
that you may have that you raise the matter with our Customer Care team
at time-enquiries@freeserve.com
Please raise any issues within this period of notice, or in any event
within 30 days from the end of the notice period.
To ensure that you continue to be able to access and enjoy the Internet
after the service closure date, we have extended the special offer we
informed you about a few weeks ago. To take advantage of this offer,
please follow the instructions below within 10 days of receiving this

Earlier this year we launched a new inclusive internet call package
called Freeserve AnyTime. AnyTime offers a better level of service
using improved technology for a more reliable internet connection. It
is also the most competitive internet package of its kind available in
the UK.

As an existing Freeserve Unlimited Time customer we are giving you
the opportunity to convert to AnyTime at an exclusive introductory
price of only:
* 4.99 for your first month and
* 9.99 per month for the next five months
Saving you almost 30% on the usual price of 12.99 per month over
the first six months.

For your last chance to benefit from this exclusive offer to transfer
to AnyTime you will need to quote the unique security passcode, shown

Your security passcode: XXXXXXXXX

Please make a note of this as you will need it to transfer your
account. It can only be used once. Note that to take advantage of the
special offer you need to do so within the next 10 days.

This offer is only available online, so click now on the link below to
convert to AnyTime or to find out more. Mac users should refer to the
final paragraph first.


If you have any queries please contact the Unlimited Freeserve Time
Customer Care team on 0845 070 0066. Lines are open Monday to Saturday
from 8am to 8pm and calls are charged at local rate.

If you are a Mac user currently using Unlimited Freeserve Time then the
final step of the AnyTime registration (auto configuration of the
dial-up number) will not work. Still click on "Configure now" but Mac
users will need to manually input their dial-up number which currently
is 08089933006 If you need help to do this you can contact our Mac
Technical Support team on 09067 234 000. Lines are open 24 hours a day,
seven days a week and calls are charged at 50 pence per minute.
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You hanging in there too? I reckon i shall go to the end and then join up if nothing else comes along to tempt me. If they don't get us all to move across before the end they will be inundated. as we all swop over or lose us, which they can't afford to do as we are the real internet users who are used to surfing for hours at a time daily.
I reckon there will be a better deal yet! if not, well thats a month away.

just to clarify, are we being shut down on the 31 august and after that we have to pay by the minute.

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