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Some more interesting points.

dicky says
Unlike the beheadings, floggings, hangings and public humiliations that have peppered British history then?
Not forgetting the Iron Maiden, Cat o' nine tails, stretching rack or perhaps the most gruesome of all British Tortures - being hung, drawn and quartered.

Vic you seem fascinated in events surrounding Israel.
You've got a point there. I certainly don't claim any "holier than thou" attitude. Some bad stuff has been done in the name of Britain in the past, but that's hardly my fault, is it? I have German roots too, but Hitler wasn't my fault, was he?

As for fascination, hmm, well, okay, it's just a tad horror movie I guess. But more than that, I'm also interested in why KaZaA got the ruling that Napster didn't. I'm interested in why port scanning is considered bad. I'm interested in why people use Windows rather than Linux. I'm interested in why we have to pay a TV licence fee in the UK when they don't have to in other countries. I'm interested in why Edward Rochester's wife was portrayed how she was in Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, and why it's okay for Edward to be unfaithful to her, and if this might have anything to do with the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade that happened just before it was written. I'm interested in why there seems to be so much hysterical Euro-skepticism in a tabloid press that is largely not British owned anyway. I'm also interested in how people got recruited to fight in WW2 when many people got sent "over the top" during The Great War - which is why we have Remembrance Sunday.

When push comes to shove, I don't really care about these things that much. But my point is that I see all of these things as being governments and big media corporations playing spin games. And I see this issue of Christianity and Jesus's resurrection in much the same way.

ewtie ...
Jesus was dead when he was 'pierced', this fullfilled one of many prophecies regarding him.
Thanks - incidentally, that's Jewish prophesy too. But do you honestly take prophesy that seriously? The Romans went to great lengths to make it look as though their occupation of Israel fulfilled Jewish prophesy. Anyone can make it look as though prophesies are fulfilled, and it's hardly surprising that Jews at the time didn't buy it. Only those in Western Europe who were a bit more naive about what had really gone on actually bought it.

My point is, Constantine was the first Christian Roman emperor. Paper, ink, public relations consultants and the logistics of distributing books and preachers don't come for free - and it's well known that the propagation of Christianity throughout Western Europe was paid for by Roman state money, which they had raised through taxes. I'm not saying that Jewish history is totally clean, but the point is, Romans occupied Israel during the life of Jesus, starting from 69BC. Has there never been a person who has resented Romans moving in and asking for tax? This is certainly enough for me to think, "Hmmmm."

I don't really mind what people believe, but I think that ewtie's assertion that an element of Jews killed Jesus is a dangerous one, since it was precisely this belief that was exploited by Hitler to justify the Holocaust.

But it doesn't stand to reason, for three reasons. One, Jesus was alive after the resurrection anyway, so you can't really say with certainty that anyone killed him at all. Secondly, the Romans had access to far more resources than the Jews to put their side of the story across. And thirdly, Jesus himself was a Jew. So why would the Jews want to kill him anyway? Especially considering that he was a direct male line descendent of David.

Assuming you believe that Joseph was his dad. But - whoops, no, they thought of that one too. Apparently Mary was a virgin. Therefore Joseph wasn't Jesus' dad. Therefore Jesus wasn't a direct male line descendent of King David, and therefore he really was a bad person, blaspheming against the Jews by making out that he was, which meant his crucifixion was justified. Yeah, right. If you believe that, then, quite honestly, you'll believe anything.
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