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Question Network speed

Hi All,

I am curious whether my home network is slow or normal (or fast) ?

One of the PCs has a shiney new 80gig disk on it and I often transfer largish files to it but wonder what makes it take so long. I am thinking it's just cos the disks are slow but wonder if it's the network.

My results

takes approx 5 mins to transfer a 700 meg file,.

is this normal ?



PS, does anyone know of any windoz based network throughput testing tools which don't depend on disk access so I can see what the max network speed is ?
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think most network cards come with test software, not sure if they are windows based, probarbly run in a dos window.

have a look on the disc that came with the card

5 mins for 700meg sounds ok, infact seems quick
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Might be handy?

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Thats faster than mine, & I'm running a 100Mb/s network, transfering from a windows 2k machine to a 2k server.

I think it's the PC's slowing mine down tho.

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I just ran a test on a 669Mb file transferred from my Win2K server (Scsi) to my Win98se box (IDE) and it took 4.5 Minutes over my 100BaseT network.

Your's seems alright Sil

The network was not idle either, I was steaming MP3's from the server and also Donkey was doing it's thing, and I was surfing the net also.

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Sil, Onslo. That's about the same here too although if my older (P200 + a slow hd) is doing something else as well then it would be slower than that. The bottom line is not so much your network (at times I've had all the lights flashing away) but the slowest item(s) you are sending to/from.

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700MB in 5 mins is 2.3 MB/s , the most I`ve seen on my home lan is ~4MB/s and generally I get ~900KB/s ftp`ing between one pc and my linux box (P166mmx)

At work copying a file from one server (dual P3 + RAID) to another, both plugged into the same cisco switch I can copy 100MB in 20s (~5MB/s) So 2.3MB/s is not bad..
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