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Old 13-October-2004, 09:29
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Default "IP Blacklisted"

Problem when using AOL broadban

Can anyone please tell me what this means? And is it anything I should worry about?

When trying to connect to a P2P application I get this message whenever it attempts to connect to a server "your IP address has been blacklisted".

I havent a clue why it has just happened or how to fix the problem.

Can you hide you IP address, and would this enable me to work around this issue?

I have searched on Google but I have had no luck yet in finding a reason and/ or solution.

Up until 24 hours ago I was able to connect no problem.

Thanks in advance
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Old 13-October-2004, 16:38
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Default Re: "IP Blacklisted"

there are various reasons why you can get blacklisted from an edonkey (emule) server.

Silent Bob's explanation (sadly no longler with us).

google has a bunch of other results as well.
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