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Default Aol and traffic shaping?

Hi everyone im new here and have a few questions.

my parents have been with AOL for over 6 years now and since i was 12 i was downloading torrents (un protected - no peerblock or any such thing's) and was downloading around 200gb or so a month. now we've moved at the end of last year. and thought i will do this properly if im to carry on(being a little older and a little wiser)
Well.. all my computers ports are all coming back as "stealth"(and are undetectable to the internet) the hardware firewall in our netgear dg834g router is setup and blocking dos attacks(which im not too fussed about really as its logging that it is blocking it at the hardware firewall(router) before they get anywhere. i then did some tests and checked the router and discovered that we were paying for a connection of upto 8 meg and only getting 2.0MB/s and so decided to fit the speed enhancement plate. and instantly was recieving 3.77MB/s !
im using a BT client (utorrent) and tonight have just realised since the 1st of may ive managed to download 170gb i cap uTorrent's uploads and downloads at 1.0MB/s and upload to just 0.2MB/s it is capped from when i get up at around 9am and the cap is taken off at 9pm and is then downloading at the full whack of 3.7MB/s and 0.33MB/s upload until around 1-2am and then is shut down. im not experiencing any such throttling or anything else. but last month i downloaded over 750gb in a month! -again computer isnt on 24/7 or anything. and didnt get any slowdown or anything. (although i will say) when i was younger we all had the AOL software installed and it was dreadfully slow and was always c*cking up the DNS!? and so now i dont have it installed and neither doe's anyone else with a computer in the house(even though its only my computer that DL's (parents dont) (heres why i dont use the AOL Software! ( when you open the CD and install the software and then begin to dig around in your registry editor - AOL use a Ping related line stat and computer data handling stat) after contacting them - myself they totally denied it all and asked to be put on to a Tier 3 person (engineer) and he then went on to explain that it is related to what you use your computer for although we cannot see what you are surfing and viewing and so on.. we obtain all ip address's i then went onto ask him. "so you are in theory giving out software that actually breaches your own companies privacy policy?" he said this is for the protection of its users i then asked?" oh you mean like you protected many of your such valued customers when you moved the call centers to india any they were asking for customers bank and when this new software came out they were no longer even asking for people's details as they had it all their in front of them. your indian partners were commiting fraud?" he then put the phone down. i was feeling pretty discusted with them to be honest.
so does anyone else on aol download torrents and masses of data? ive googled AOL uk traffic shaping and plenty have said "not since Carphone warehouse bought it out" "they are utter amateurs" is another comment read somewhere.
Anyone download torrents? and is anyone being capped?
Also? in a slight way im kinda of nervous that out of the blue i might be carted off in a police van for downloading torrents (as seen as AOL havent said a peep for all this time,and no such disconnections etc)

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