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News! UK Broadband Failing to Meet Console Demand

A recent article at Electronic Theatre shares with us an independent research commissioned by Virgin Media, which points out that millions of people in the UK do not have Internet speeds suited to today's games consoles.

This seems to hinge on games being larger and hence taking a while to download. It also seems to indirectly point out that people's expectations are that download should be faster. It really says nothing about the bandwidth actually required to play the game!

I say what about the people whose Internet connection may never be able to support online gameplay, never mind having to wait a while for it to download? What is so wrong with informing people how long something will take to download? Is this being forgotten these days?

I most certainly am not in the worst of positions. Some people are stuck on a poor dial-up service still. I have Cable and Wireless ducts outside my house, which have never ever been cabled. I can get 3G in the middle of my back garden or on my front boundary. Do not even go there with satellite!

So, Virgin are "working to ensure the best entertainment experience"? Er, for who exactly? Of recent years, Virgin have only upgraded their existing networks and made no advances towards cabling other areas. I have ducts sitting in my street that have been there over 10 years and nobody has drawn either cable or fibre through them and used them. I guess there is no hope for anywhere else!

If Virgin were to supply me with a service, it would be through the same miles of copper that anyone else would use. My connection at its best would download at 2GB per hour. I have neighbors that would be lucky to see 0.5GB per hour.

True, fibre will come in time but only for 90% of the country! 10% will be neglected because it is too costly to supply them. What will you do for these poor people, Virgin and Sony? Will you fill in the gap left by Openreach? Oh, I think we have the answer to that already! No.

This is like dangling the carrot that some people will never get. It really is not good practice. Don't get me wrong, I feel happy for the gamers but are you seriously expecting gamers and potential gamers to move into an area with faster Internet speeds?

It's all about money; we know that. How do taxes work? How do benefits work? The idea is that the more affluent assist those less fortunate. Charge a little more and give everyone a half decent service!

Poor gamers having to wait a few hours. Learning to think ahead and be patient are good qualities to acquire. Some kids in this country have never been able to use the Internet at home yet! Please be fair.
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