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Old 25-January-2002, 23:21
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Default Windows file type program association .... help!

I hate having to ask such silly questions but there we go, I'm having a problem.

I've got a scripting language interpreter called "Rebol Core", and I want to associate files with the .r extension with this program, so that when I double click them, they open in Rebol Core. This used to work in the past, but it doesn't now.

Instead, what happens is the Rebol Core program starts, but it doesn't actually open the file.

The same thing happens if I try to do START file.r from an MSDOS prompt.

However, I tried changing my autoexec.bat file so that the directory with the Rebol Core executable is in the PATH list. So now, if I do REBOL file.r from an MSDOS prompt, that DOES work. Also I tried putting a shortcut to the Rebol Core executable in my Send To folder, and right clicking files and selecting the shortcut .... that works too.

So the executable clearly accepts a file as a parameter and opens it. So why won't it work properly just by double clicking or using the START command in MSDOS? I probably need to change something in the file associations, but I have absolutely no idea what's wrong. Thanks.
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Old 25-January-2002, 23:30
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to set up file associations..

goto 'my documents' (or any folder really) click 'View' > 'Folder Options...'

then the far right tab 'file types'

you need to scroll down and find where the association is with 'dot r' files and then select 'Open' - edit...

it should probably be set to something like

"C:\path to rebol\rebol.exe" "%1"

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Old 25-January-2002, 23:56
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Thanks silv.

Before I tried your suggestion, I tried removing the association first, then double clicking a .r file and reassociating it with rebol.exe using the "Open With" dialog box that Windows opens up when you do this, but same thing happened, the Rebol interpreter would start but it wouldn't actually run the script I'd double clicked on.

But I put the "%1" after it and it works now. Why I've never needed this before is a mystery to me, and it's also a mystery why other file type associations don't have the "%1" yet they still work properly.

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