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Question Album Sites

I have been d/l Albums for some time now..........for my own personal use I promise........most of the mp3 sites I usually go to are getting very poor for content nowadays ...............anyone got any particular favourites they could divulge..............pm me if you would...............I wouldn't like to condone the information being made too public

best regards

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john r
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WinMX is what i use seems to be pretty good on the album front. Kazza dont seem to have any....
All i really need is a prog to split the mp3 albums from 1 track to how ever many tracks there are on the album.....
Anyone know any good ones...
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best i can offer john is soundforge, its a bit longwinded but works.

not found anything to do it automatically that is fool proof, they all work on finding silence and assuming that is a track end, but that can cause mistakes

soundforge lets you do it manually
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For john r ......
Try MP3DirectCut a small (<100k ) freeware program.
It has the advantage of not decoding/re-encoding files when editing, so that edits are virtually instantaneous.

mp3DirectCut is a frame based editor for MP3.
You can set regions for cutting or changing the
volume like in common audio editors. At all
operations the MP3 will not be re-encoded. This
saves time and disk space and prevents loss of audio
quality. You can easily navigate through even large
MP3s and mp3DirectCut gives you a visualisation
of the MPEG data. The editing works non-destructive:
no changes in the original file are made.
The visualisation of data is especially useful in locating beginning and end of tracks. There is also a "gain" function with which you can fade in or out of mp3's.

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That looks good PeteC,

just visited the link and downloaded. I've been looking for something like that too.

Quite a few of my downloads [WinMx] have bits of other tracks at each end.

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john r
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Smile Petec

A big thank you for the link.. having just spent a couple of hours using cool edit 2000 (Thanks Arnie) splitting Celien Dion's new cd (thnks WinMX) by hand any help is well recived..Still at least her indoors is impressed getting a cd for nought... except for my sweat and blood....
And praise the lord for www.cdcovers.cc for all them luvly pics... ah the joys of freebies...
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