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Old 19-February-2003, 15:45
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Default Help - Direct cable connect

Right after having three days of nightmare with microsoft direct cable connect, they are finanlly talking to each other (well just about).

Setup :

Win98 Base computer running as host.
Logon is a username without password, bypassed using Tweakui.

Win95 Laptop computer running as client.
no known logon details that I know of.

I have them talking to each other now (after a complete hair loss) however the guest is asking for a username, password & domain to pass to the 98 host.

I cannot understand why, the host is not logged onto a domain.

I have tried :
Setter up a new username and password on the 98 host
entering the username of the 98 user with blank pass on the laptop durning connection attempt.

and a few others that I cant think of right now.

WHY is it asking for a username & password????? (All the setup docs say is that the client will ask me for the host computer's PC name)

Please help, as I have very little hair left. & after loading EVERY link in google searched on "Direct cable connection" (well currently on page 20) I cannot find this question listed anywhere.

Using brand spanking new nul modem cable com1 to com1 (not that that would explain it)


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