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Old 23-March-2009, 17:27
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Default BT broadband Talk via Netgear DG834G and slave hub?

I need a little help to get to BT Broadband Talk using a Netgear as the main router/modem and a V1 home hub as the slave.
I have successfully used a pair of home hubs, and using advice from here and other sites I have spoofed a slave home hub to support a hubphone on BBTalk. The procedure is detailed here http://www.jarviser.co.uk/jarviser/r...rhubphone.html The Slave hub has DHCP off, firewall off and Wandownspoofing to get the VOIP working. With a another home hub on the ADSL it works fine.

Now I assumed that all I needed to do to use a Netgear dg834g as the main router was to build the configuration and spoofing of the slave home hub with the same subnet as the Netgear. That process is documented here http://www.jarviser.co.uk/jarviser/r...ubnetgear.html as a work-in-progress. However although they can hear me perfectly on a BBTalk call I can't hear them. It sounds like a simple port
forwarding problem but (assuming the ports are really open) no joy in trying to open ports.

So far I have tried setting up 3 "services" for ports 5060-5061, 10000-20000 and 1024-49151. Not too sure if they should be overlapping like that. The services were then associated to (the slave hub) in Firewall Rules.
I finally set up a static route from to
I also tried disabling SIP ALG, and also tried a DMZ on but still nothing.

Can't think what else to try and get the Broadband Talk audio to pass from outside through to the slave hub. Any ideas?
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Old 23-March-2009, 23:05
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Default Re: BT broadband Talk via Netgear DG834G and slave hub?

additional information if it's any help this is the default SIP config in a plain home hub master....
sip config primproxyaddr=sip.btsip.bt.net secproxyaddr= proxyport=sip primregaddr=btsip.bt.com secregaddr= regport=sip notifier_addr=mwi.btsip.bt.com notifier_port=sip
sip config regexpire=3600 regexpire_Tbefore=1 subscribe_expire=43200 CWreply=182 transport=UDP rtpmapstaticPT=disabled reinvite_stop_audio=disabled PRACK=disabled clirformat=standard DTMF*#inINFO=1011 clip_consider_displayname=yes sdp_ptime=20 replace#=enabled symmetriccodec=enabled reinvite_at_cgfax_detect=disabled SIPURI_port=enabled rport=disabled SDP_username=default ringtoneat183=disabled
numbtransl config Globalnumbpostprocess=enabled
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Old 11-April-2009, 17:55
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Default Re: BT broadband Talk via Netgear DG834G and slave hub?

OK, sorted. The service started to work all by itself with no ports opened in the Netgear at all, and all config in the HomeHub slave. Must have been a problem with my BBT service. The setup is now documented at http://www.jarviser.co.uk/jarviser/r...ubnetgear.html
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