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Old 26-April-2008, 10:00
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Default rainbowsix vegas 2

i got the game on the 17th of april as i pe ordered it,good concept as was the first vegas, but lacks a bit in the online part of it as it is connected to ubisofts server in canada,there also have been a few issues with freezes during game play ect,and a patch to fix other issues was released the day after release of the game in the uk(pc version) today i joined somones game that had been modified so each player got more ammo and frags ect, it was a hack so i did a google on hacks for this game and theres already a site selling hacks for it ie artficial aiming (aimbots) the user has to pay a monthly subsciption for this as it is streamed to the pc of the user during gameplay online,this is supposed to be undetectable by the anti cheat system punkbuster that apparently scans the pc's memory for file changes ect,if a cheat is detected by pb he gets a globle ban and cannot use the game online, unless he/she changes certain hardware of the pc,but why do they do it as all it does is make it pointless for honest players to try and compete against them also if this is gonna happen everytimew a game is released it becomes a waist of money buying them, cod 4 is ruined because of them all they really are doing is fooling them selves into beliving they are better players, they are a joke and would not last 10 secs without their sad hacks cheats about time the game developers built somthing into the games to stop maniplulation of them,
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