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Old 23-July-2008, 20:33
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Default Problem using DynDNS with 2wire BT 2700HGV - even using Updater on PC.


I installed a video server at a client's site where they have a 2wire BT 2700HGV. The router doesn't have a built-in DynDNS client, and neither does the video server so I installed DynDNS Updater on a Windows PC that runs all the time. This should work OK. I have a similar set-up at my own office except that I use a Linux DynDNS client and my router isn't a 2wire BT 2700HGV. (The router NATs the request to checkip, so the correct WAN address is returned. It works fine on my network and should work on theirs. Really)

The client complained that the DynDNS client was stopping the PC it runs on from accessing the networked printer. When I asked further, I got this (sorry if it's not all that clear - this is mostly all I have to work with)
"It sets the IP of this machine to a public IP address. the router pops
up a screen saying second router detected click here to fix if you don't
click cant get on to internet if you do click loose network printers,
haven't tried to connect to other machines when I can't get to printers
Router sets to DMZPlus mode when you click fix
in dmzplus mode there is a note on settings screen have copied it below
Once DMZplus mode is selected and you click DONE, the system will issue
a new IP address to the selected computer. The computer must be set to
DHCP mode to receive the new IP address from the system, and you must
reboot the computer. If you are changing DMZplus mode from one computer
to another computer, you must reboot both computers.

I have tried rebooting still no connection to printer"

So it looks as though the router is detecting some problem because the DynDNS client tries to contact checkip and wants to create a DMZ and quarantine the PC the DynDNS client is running on in it. My client says if he doesn't "click here to fix", he can't get passed that screen so can't get on the Internet.

Does anyone know of this problem and/or a work-around? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the router - I only had experience of it for an hour or so when I was setting up port-forwarding etc. I'm not able to experiment with the router myself (I'm not there) and most of my evidence comes from my client.


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