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Default Hard up

I have to question. Just how much truth there is in the headlines that report that thousands are on the breadline.
Food Banks - more and more visiting them
Moneylenders, hundreds visit them over Christmas.
Now consider this.
Tell someone that they can get something for nothing and they will go there, whether they need it or not.
More than 30% of people using (bad) moneylenders have an income of 30, 000 to 50,00 per year.
What today is considered as being poor? A 20 inch plasma and not a 40 inch?
'We could only get the 63 claret instead of the 45'?
And hey, no I am not rich. I am retired and can afford to pay my bills with a little bit over for the ocassional treat.

So should I consider myself poor?
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Default Re: Hard up

i manage to live on my small private pension which most of it pay for the poll tax and rent . leaves me with about 200 a month to pay for such things as petrol for car (13 years old) my tv sky and broadband and 12 a month mobile phone.
I supoose icould get rid of the post office BT line and internet and change over to sky broadband but its not much cheaper as i live in the country area in essex.
we do not have holidays since 2005. but have a 42 inch tv .
wife is on incapacity benefit. and is diebetic so we tend to stay in at night and neither of us drink ..
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Default Re: Hard up

Flashgorden my friend, you make me feel humble, and I mean that. If my post suggested that I do not believe that anybody has a hard life, I do apologise. It was merely meant to point out that many that claim poverty are in fact a long way from that.
I live in a village in which there are a great many old people, many of whom get by on just the state pension, how, I've no idea.
As I said, I am not rich by any means but I can afford the occasional treat after paying my bills. If the ocassion should ever arise that I might be able to treat you and your good lady to an evening out, I would love to do so. The reason? given your situation, you had every right to take me as a rich boaster, you could have just lambasted me, you didn't, you believed me.

I thank you for that
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