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Old 20-October-2012, 14:44
brianthesnail brianthesnail is offline
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Default Tesco broadband.... Update

Hi guys ..
well its been 6 weeks now,and everything is running fine... connection speed has settled at 5.1meg download and 0.9meg upload... and to be honest thats all i need .. will run bbc iplayer and youtube video,s at 1080p without any buffering .. and average download speed is around 650kbps which again is fine for me
the thomson TG580 wireless router had a few drops in connection,however overall its been solid .. wired devices have been fine and the 2 wireless laptops experienced no problems connecting.... that said you only get 3 bars wirelessly compared to 5 bars with the bt home hub.. but since we only use the laptops a few times a month and the actual connection speed isnt a problem we can live with that
overall im mightly impressed with tesco phone and broadband and at just over 20 its around 50 a month less than bt broadband option 3....
ive read many bad reviews regarding tesco broadband and i cant see why these people are experiencing problems.... i firmly beleive if you had problems with your previous isp and you then get the same problems with the new isp then the issues are with the actual line and not the isp....
lets not forget some of the copper lines in the uk are over 65 years old and some are in a bad state ..... so instead of isp,s trying to get the small percentage of guys on to fibre they should first sort out the existing ageing copper network .....
SUMMARY : i highly recommend tesco broadband and recommend it to anyone looking to save money with no drop in service..... both me and my wife are daily internet users and we require a stable and reliable broadband service and thats exactly what tesco broadband gives us.... so what are you waiting for.... head over to http://www.tescobroadband.com/ and check out the great deals
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Old 06-November-2012, 19:28
Fran Fran is offline
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Angry Re: Tesco broadband.... Update

You are obviously one of the lucky ones. My switchover date was supposed to be 15th October. My previous ISP's broadbandceased to work on that date. Tesco have spent the interevening 3 weeks NOT providing me with a usable service. I have spent countless hours on the telephone, mainly on hold on my mobile, because they have told me to unplug my master socket and house phone.

Frustrated isn't the word!!
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Old 20-January-2013, 12:52
doombadger doombadger is offline
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Default Re: Tesco broadband.... Update

Brian can you confirm or deny whether you work for Tesco please?

All sounds very much like organic marketing blurb to me.
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Old 26-January-2013, 11:23
randomtescoman randomtescoman is offline
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Default Re: Tesco broadband.... Update

I can vouch for Tesco, great speeds, no obvious throttling despite me scheduling big uploads between midnight at 6am. Best of all, great price.
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Old 01-June-2013, 11:57
qwerty qwerty is offline
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Default Re: Tesco broadband.... Update

Nice sharing.
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Old 19-June-2013, 07:56
brianthesnail brianthesnail is offline
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Default Re: Tesco broadband.... Update

i dont work for tesco... i say it like it is... however i beleive guys who have problems with tesco should get their actual copper line checked .... my line was good with my previous isp and this was continued when i moved to tesco
you can run line checks and noise checks for copper lines ,and information regarding noise ( and other factors that affect line performance ) can be found at http://www.kitz.co.uk/adsl/linestats.htm
the downside is BT have just decided to place a fibre cabinet across the road and tesco dont do fibre ( allthough ive been told they may be in the near future )...
tesco use cable and wireless llu ... and cable and wireless have the biggest fibre network in the uk ... seems odd !
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