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Old 02-October-2003, 10:45
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Default ADSL swap to another provider - tiscali ADSL cbuk issues condensed

ok - for my benefit really,. a condensed version of the issues I've had trying to get tiscali adsl de-provisioned and re-provisioned with another provider..


how to contact oftel - on their website http://www.oftel.gov.uk/consumer/adv...t_us/index.htm

oftel working group on ADSL migrations http://www.oftel.gov.uk/ind_groups/broadband/index.htm

ISPA (Internet Services Providers' Association) complaints form http://www.ispa.org.uk/html/consumer...ints_form.html

bbc watchdog http://www.bbc.co.uk/watchdog/contact/computers.shtml

the saga - condensed from <thread>:leaving tiscali ADSL CBUK numbers etc

29 july - started trying to make tiscali give me a CBUK number so I could swap to another ADSL provider,. called them a number of times and they appeared to withhold CBUK numbers from customers.

31 july - I called oftel who got tiscali to call me and give me the CBUK for my adsl connection,.now had CBUK,. I was told by tiscali this was useless as tiscali do not allow ADSL migrations..

5 august - put in ADSL request with another provider, giving them the CBUK and seeing it they could get a migration..

11 august - got notification that migration request was now with tiscali - BT had passed it on,. so 10 working days to wait for tiscali if they didn't reply..

26 august - response from the ADSL provider saying that tiscali had declined the request to migrate (which happens automatically if they don't reply after 10 working days)

27 august - obviously I'm going to have to de-provision and re-provision - can't take an outage so I ask for NTL to install their ISP cable access

2 september - NTL cable installed and working,,. time to de-provision the ADSL!

5 september - cease request provided to tiscali outlining all relevant information they need to de-provision the line (I've been with them in excess of 2 years and there are no outstanding billing issues!)

10 september - tiscali replied to cease request, saying I hadn't been with them the minimum 12 months.. so refused the request (I've been with them 2 years!) responded telling them I've been with them 2 years (included again all the information for them to cease the line)

11 september - no response from tiscali so contacted oftel asking them to sort tiscali out for me,. called tiscali billing and they said the cease order had been put to BT so the wheels were in motion apparently,. (tiscali did not call me..).. ADSL connection won't now connect - tiscali have blocked all access to the account including email access,. I am without ADSL (luckily NTL cable is working fine!)

18 september - modem not syncing with ADSL line,. presume that ADSL equipement is removed from exchange and contact my new provider and ask for provision of ADSL

23 september - modem now syncing with exchange - presume new provider has provisioned - can't login so I call them - apparently ADSL is already provisioned by another provider so they can't supply,. contact BT 150 who confirm tiscali has not put in a cease order,.. call oftel,,. tiscali call me back,. apparently they didn't put in a full cease request with BT,. but 'they will this time',.

2 October - contact BT 150 to see if the line is now ready for new provision,. not yet, but on pushing BT guy I am informed there is a valid ADSL de-provision in the BT system and I will be ADSL free on 3rd October!!

3 October - put in provision order with eclispe

8 October - receive email from eclispe that I have an install date of the 16th October

14 October - try ADSL connection - YES - it's done and I'm connected with an ISP that is not tiscali!!!


As an aside to all this, some people I've given my 2p of advice to who are in similar situations seem to be reluctant to complain,.

I don't personally understand their reasoning, it takes 5 minutes to put in a complaint form at oftel and the ISPA - and it does get the ISP to contact you,,. you don't have to wait an hour on the phone to talk to them, wasting your phone bill.

The person who calls you as a result of a complaint (in my experiance at least) isn't a customer service person - they are far more knowledgeable and will try to help you resolve the issue, this is in sharp contrast to tiscalis 'customer service' department!

Complain till you get it sorted


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Old 08-April-2005, 17:45
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Default Re: ADSL swap to another provider - tiscali ADSL cbuk issues condensed

I did complain to the ISPA and OTELO,

No replies ......
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Old 07-September-2006, 22:39
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Cool Re: ADSL swap to another provider - tiscali ADSL cbuk issues condensed

I only have 2 observations here:

Trust Tiscali to pass the cbuk (or not as the case maybe!) but then what do you expect from a company whose image is portrayed by a highwayman in the ads!

On a more serious note, how can a company legally operate in this fashion?
Surely it proves how toothless a watchdog OFTEL is - can you imagine what would happen if you refused to pay your bill and the ramifications that would have (at the least on your credit-rating!?)

I think it is outrageous that they have wasted so much of your time and that you should at least be able to put in for some compo (once the initial euphoria has worn off after your emancipation from Tiscali!)

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Old 20-April-2007, 18:15
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Default Re: ADSL swap to another provider - tiscali ADSL cbuk issues condensed

I wish I had of known about forums like this before.

It's been over 6 long week's and a saga from hell trying to first of all move our broadband to another address with Tiscali and eventually getting it cancelled. In the meantime I've spoken to nearly everyone in India and Scotland trying to sort the mess out. Letters go unanswered as do emails. Calls to Customer Dis-service are an absolute waste of time.

This has to be the worst company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with.

In summary, I submitted a change of address via their website on the 03.03.07, this was accepted and told me service should be ready by 23.03.07. It's now the 20.04.07 and still no service.

The problems started when I phoned Tiscali on the 16.03.07 to inquire on the status, the call centre(s) in India told me the line was not going to be provisioned and I had to re-apply. Their website still said things were in progress though ...

We submitted a new application and were told it would be connected in a few days .... it wasn't.

On the 23.03.07 after spending 3 hours on the phone to Tiscali and speaking to 11 different people (mostly in India) I gave up in frustration and called their cancellations team. BIG MISTAKE there. It was then that the nightmare only just began. It seems one system in Tiscali doesnt talk to the other and Customer dis-service in India can't see the systems in the U.K and the Billing department can't see someone else's system and the cancellations team can't see everyone else's system ....

Many weeks later I've found out from more calls the cancellation wasn't processed properly and Tiscali are still hanging on somewhere in the ether!!!

My advice to anyone considering Tiscali - stay away. Your just asking for trouble. The service was never 100% reliable and ringing tech support (India again) resulted in nothing ever happening. The call quality (if you select the phone option as well with BB) is appalling and resulted in us churning back to BT for phone calls real quick.

No one seems to be able to take responsability in this company. Absolute shockers.

Thats my two pence worth for what its worth
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Old 20-April-2007, 19:01
The Dynamo
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Default Re: ADSL swap to another provider - tiscali ADSL cbuk issues condensed

Good Lord silver.....it now becomes abundantly clear why you never recommended tiscali ADSL.....


I'm actually rather pleased that I stayed with Freeserve before migrating to Talktalk........
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Old 20-April-2007, 22:49
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Default Re: ADSL swap to another provider - tiscali ADSL cbuk issues condensed

yep, with tiscali if everything works then you're ok,. but any small problem is made into a nightmare due to their useless customer service,.

before you sign to an isp call their customer service and check how they perform,. call a few times at different times of day and compare to other isps,.

of course tiscali could have improved but everything I read leads me to believe they are still unable to perform simple tasks w/o a lot of hassle..

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Old 16-February-2008, 20:08
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Default Re: ADSL swap to another provider - tiscali ADSL cbuk issues condensed

your correct they havent improved at all infact they are getting worse now with their restrictions of bandwith 12 hrs a day 24 at week ends they should be closed down along with a few other bad ISPs
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Old 17-February-2008, 10:43
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Default Re: ADSL swap to another provider - tiscali ADSL cbuk issues condensed

So they won't let you migrate. So you decide to stop paying their bills. So you are put on the credit black-list. Sounds like blackmail to me.

And they complain about us doing illegal downloading
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Old 29-March-2008, 17:22
paul s1
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Default Re: ADSL swap to another provider - tiscali ADSL cbuk issues condensed

eek tiscali was cancelled 4 months ago but they are still taking money out of my account.I didnt have direct debit i had a recurring debit card transaction.Ive been forced to cancell my card and have a new one issued.I have complained till im blue in the face but as of this date still not had a refund.Get told every month o sorry ,this wont happen again we will refund your money ,then same happens month after month.They have stolen money from me and im not going to bother with stupid ofcom etc im suing them.
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