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Unhappy Router problem


Im trying to setup a internet/LAN conection between 2 PCs by using a SparkCom Broadband Router and a NTL Terrayon TJ210 cable modem that comes with a USB + RJ45 ports/cable.

Both PCs are running WinXP Pro and have a ADMtek AN983 based ethernet adapter installed.

I have connected the 2 ADMtek's to the router by using CAT 5 RJ45 crossover cables and then the TP1/2 light up on the router.
With the cable modem I use a straight through cable that connect to the router WAN port and then it lights up.

Any help from here would be grateful


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Unless the router accepts (electrectly not just physically) crossover cables then you SHOULD be using straight through cables all round. Crossovers are only needed when connecting two PC's to each other. However, SOME routers/hubs/switches WILL accept crossovers OR straight through cables with out any problem (current Netgear's are one). It depends on, in this case, the router.
As a first step try and get the two PC's talking to each other. Once youv'e got that it should(!) be a simple matter of connecting and setting up the modem.
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