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Default Halo In-Game Chat

I've scoured the internet for a solution to this but to no avail. so here's hoping.

I cannot chat in Halo, during multiplayer games. When I type "T" I see the grey chat box, but if I type the text doesn't appear. When I push enter, the text box dissapears.

In addition, information such as "New001 killed New002" isn't shown or "New003 has joined the game" - that sort of thing.

Some sites seem to think this is to do with my graphic card (NVidia GeForce2 MX 400), others say reinstalling msxmlenu.msi should do the trick. Other say buy a new computer (bit extreem, I think).

The chat text did use to work, though I'll be damned if I can remember what has changed since then. I literally think that one day it worked and one day I noticed that it didn't. I've tried reinstallation, I've even reinstalled windows (unrelated), I've updated, back-dated my drivers for sound, video, directx... nothing...

Anyone else got a clue, or share this problem?
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Default Re: Halo In-Game Chat

is the txt displaying but is off the bottom of the screen, i.e. have you tried different resolutions in the games graphics setup?

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Angry Re: Halo In-Game Chat

Yes, I've tried a variety of resolutions and frame rates. Still no in-game chate text.
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Default Re: Halo In-Game Chat

Bought new graphics card. Works now. Yay.
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Exclamation Re: Halo In-Game Chat

have u ever tried hitting the h key instead of t for ur team
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Default Re: Halo In-Game Chat

DUDE u never had to buy a new graphic card XD.
the same problem happened to me long time ago i saw that i had to go to redist folder in halo ce files and install that mx_____ software after that it worked.
it is always with halo e files. NEXT TIME IF U HAVE A PROBLEM ONLY ASK U TUBE
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