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Old 17-July-2001, 09:50
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Default Napster Ditches MP3 for Proprietary Secure Audio Format

from computerwire.com
Napster Inc is doing away with the ubiquitous MP3 audio codec when it goes legitimate later this summer, in favor of a proprietary ".nap" file format. The revelation came yesterday as the firm announced a deal with PlayMedia Systems Inc to develop the new format.

According to PlayMedia CEO Brian Litman, the two companies, along with Bertelsmann AG's Digital World Services division, are collaborating on .nap. Details are sketchy, but it seems as if DWS's primary involvement comprises the development of certain rights management features, while PlayMedia's technology will be used for file encryption, decryption and playback.

"It's a collaborative process between Napster's engineering team, DWS and PlayMedia," said Litman. "We've basically created a customer file format." PlayMedia is the self-confessed "quiet company" behind the AMP technology, which powers playback software like America Online Inc's WinAMP and DMX/AEI Music's ProFusion.

The new commercial Napster service will be split in two. There will be a commercial music download service powered by RealNetworks Corp's MusicNet, and a file-trading service populated with the music of independent music labels Napster has hit licensing deals with. It is the latter service that will use .nap files, the former will probably use RealNetworks' codecs and DRM software.

According to Litman, the new Napster software will automatically convert users' MP3 files into the new format - basically an encrypted and rights-managed MP3 hybrid - before submitting them to the network. It seems likely that technology Napster is developing with tools from Relatable Inc and LoudEye Inc will be responsible for making sure no copyrighted files make it into the system in the first place.

It is ironic that Napster, the original anarchic free-for-all file-swapping service, seems set to become the most tightly controlled music distribution service on the web. Whether it can survive in that form is debatable, given that it will be facing off against similar services from heavyweights like Microsoft Corp and Yahoo! Inc. The troubled start-up is already bleeding users that are upset with its recent filtering efforts, and has been under a court-imposed blackout for two weeks now.
Its dead dammit - you can stop kicking it

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Old 17-July-2001, 10:27
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Like I;ve said many times before, long live Audio Galaxy

The last time I used NApster I couldn't find what I wanted, it was literally like getting blood from a stone.

Is the juice worth the squeeze ?
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Old 17-July-2001, 11:57
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Like I've said before, it won't be long before they turn the screws on Audiogalaxy!

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Old 17-July-2001, 16:14
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I think they may be "turning the screws" already on AudioGalaxy.

Last night for the first time I came across entries/tracks marked with an orange(?) cross and a comment that the track was not available for download due to "SEARCH PROHIBITED You cannot request this song due to copyright restrictions. Please try a different search."

It didn't take much effort to find what I needed but it does look as if AG is also now on that slippery slope.

Mike M
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Old 17-July-2001, 20:32
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I've often got that prohibited message on AG... it hasn't just appeared, and after searching again you will find the track you want. As for Napster, I certainly have a lot to thank them for... they gave a great service and I will probably support their paid for site when it is up and running. I hope we never forget that they were the first to give us all the great music for free... (well, they may not have been the first.. not sure.. but they were certainly the best at the time).

Good luck to them,

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Old 18-July-2001, 17:21
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Default File Sharing

yeah they may well get audigalaxy..but how are they going to stop the gnutella system which has no central server the users logged in at any one time act as the server.
I use limewire myself which is great once u get used to it
providing u have a broadband connection although my friend uses it with only a modem and seems to do well enough.
So to conclude theres no way the RIAA or anyone else is ever gonna stuff this cat back into its bag

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