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Old 07-May-2008, 10:17
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Default Looking For An Old Arcade Game

Good Morning Folks,

I am looking for quite an old arcade game. Unfortunately I cant remember the name of the game. I can only remember that it is a space shooter game with a chap in a yellow(?) space suit flying through space.

Along the way as you shoot flying saucers and egg timers, you gain upgrades to weapons. As well as upgrades you gain an eagle that floats just above and infront of your head along with a dog that looks like its running alongside you. You can shoot these two at the enemy and they eventually return to you.

At the end of each level you face a boss. The first boss I remember was a big yellow mechanical yeti(or something like that) with a diamond in its forehead.

Its definitely not R-TYPE or Xenon 2 as Ive got them already. Hope someone can remember the name of this game and if it has been emulated for PC at any point. The last time I remember seeing the game was back in 1990/91.

Any help would be much appreciated
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Old 28-August-2008, 11:22
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Default Re: Looking For An Old Arcade Game

Sounds like 'dropzone'

Or possibly 'Strangeloop'
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Old 28-August-2008, 17:21
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Default Re: Looking For An Old Arcade Game




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Old 30-August-2008, 23:34
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Default Re: Looking For An Old Arcade Game

The only other one I could think of was Commander Keen ??
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