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Old 17-October-2008, 13:23
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Question Virgin, speedtouch & Internet explorer

I have been using Virgin Broadband with a Speedtouch 330 modem for just under one year. My machine is a Medion laptop running Vista Home premium.

Last week virgin e-mailed to say upgrades had been made to my broadband (Friday 10th Oct). All we had to do was turn the modem off and on again.

Since then service has been very poor. What happens is that while accessing the internet, Iexplorer will just stop - no error message, we just click on sites in the Favorites or type in addresses and nothing happens. On checking 'My ISP' it still says it's connected.
Sometimes we can get round it by disconnecting and reconnecting.

I have been on the phone to virgin for over an hour, reinstalled modem drivers and checked lots of things. It may not be related to the 'upgrade' but I suspect it is.

Any ideas or anyone with a similar problem, Please!!!???
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Old 17-October-2008, 14:00
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Default Re: Virgin, speedtouch & Internet explorer

could be virgins dns servers,or something in the setup of the usb modem st330,they are not the best,but i found them fairly ok, do you have another web browser installed on your system? if so try accessing web pages using that when you cant using IE7,should you be able to then it will be some settings or addons in IE7 causing it, in which case just reset it to the default settings,
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Old 18-October-2008, 09:06
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Default Re: Virgin, speedtouch & Internet explorer

Virgin give an excellent Netgear router free if you are a new broadband customer!!!

Heck can't you persuade them to let you have one as a loyalty bonus especialy as the Speedtouch modem does sometimes give problems.

Upgrading the software for the modem sometimes improves things, does nothing or makes them worse!!!
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Old 05-February-2010, 15:01
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Default Re: Virgin, speedtouch & Internet explorer

Same thing happened to me when they "upgraded" the speed - my poor 330 usb couldn't handle it. I got a different story form 5 different people on the help desk. I assumed they've basically over-subscribed, seeing as the modem would only cut out at peak times, but they wouldn't admit anything was amiss and wouldn't help me. I even made suggestions of how they could help me, including sending me a router, but no success.

So I called to cancel my service and the people in that department were excellent. They offered me a free modem router straight away. It arrived the next day, installed and everything was fine.

I think the 330 just can't handle the increased speed/bandwidth use at peak times. The router is fine, but be wary - it installed Win Pcap without asking, an out of date version at that, and in a directory it couldn't be uninstalled from. Nothing wrong with Win Pcap itself but not a stealth installation that can potentially access your network without your permission. Sneaky Virgin. You can use your services manager to disable it.
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