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Default PS Jailbreak Goes Open Source as PSGroove

Despite a temporary victory stopping ps jailbreak sales around australia, Sony's PS3 headaches are far from over. With PS Jailbreak's code from the wild, lawsuits could possibly be weak hands too late.

PSGroove statements to be a wide open source PS Jailbreak. Users download the code and install it while on an AT90USBkey or Teensy USB development board to have the modchip launched and established.

While the PSGroove is not as easy as the ps jailbreak for your average gamer, but an entrepreneurial hacker can easy sell pre-assembled PSGroove kits for the average person PS3.

A USB drive, PS Jailbreak allows you to run unsigned software, including legitimate backups, around the PS3. You can run the backups on the internal hard drive, or use PS Jailbreak to backup the games to external storage devices. Once saved, you can run the games from your external drive likewise. Regardless of the odd lawsuit in australia, PS Jailbreak has already been for sale in Canada, US, and Europe.

Using this type of code, you never even require the original game disc anymore to experiment with. Imagine emulators into the PS3. The possibilities are endless. What's next, Sony? r4 ds? Nintendo?

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