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Old 14-October-2011, 17:30
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Default Download Rate Issues

Hey Hey

I am with AOL and have been for around 5 years. Recently I have been experiencing issues in the form of extremely low download rates.

This only started happening around 2 weeks ago and has continued daily ever since.

Basically, in the morning and throughout the bulk of the day, my internet download speeds are fine (Around 300-500kb/s as an estimate). This changes drastically at around 4-5pm. Around that time my download rates are reduced to around 30kb/s!!! (This is not good enough to even watch a youtube video without pre buffering it for around 2 hours -.-). I am well aware of the fact that ISP's cut download rates during peak times but I am also pretty sure that my download rate shouldnt be cut to around 1/10 of its peak.

I am fairly certain my router is fine as it is in the same condition it was a month ago when I was experiencing no problems/ issues. My laptop has no viruses.

Is there any way I can solve this issue? Is it worth contacting AOL?

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated
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Old 15-October-2011, 12:37
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Default Re: Download Rate Issues

Can you take a 'snapshot' of the download speeds over the times/days and send them to AOL ?

If they fail to respond to this, phone and ask them for a MAC and tell them why you're doing this, usually, they suddenly spring into action to resolve things, maybe even give you some free months or cheaper subs.
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Old 27-October-2011, 12:11
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Default Re: Download Rate Issues

im having exactly the same problem o.o only since yesterday though....
contacting AOL via phone is not an option, calling someone to read off paper that i cant understand? AOL is definitely the worst ISP for customer support, you'd think as you've been with them 5 years and me 6 that they would be more helpfull.
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Old 28-October-2011, 22:00
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Default Re: Download Rate Issues

I have been having this exact problem for the past few weeks. It's happening tonight too. It is very very frustrating.

This is getting ridiculous! They are not keeping their end of the agreement. I will be calling them tomorrow to give them hell
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Old 29-October-2011, 00:14
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Default Re: Download Rate Issues

are you wireless? if so try cat5, let me know if that stop your problem
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