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Old 11-November-2012, 21:47
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Default Behemoth's - Dislocation - Relocation

Hey all,

Thought I'd give an update on how things are going up here in Weston Super Mud lol.

In all honesty I can out my hand on my heart and say it was the best move I ever made. Deciding to leave Cornwall and come up here to do the legal advisor job was the hardest one to make, but it really has worked out well.

Have had a few ups and downs, dislocated my right arm in May and had to go home to Cornwall for a week to heal otherwise I'd have gone back to work up here and made it worse, went against the consultants advice and refused to wear a sling for the advised 3 weeks ! So yeah thats the dislocation during the relocation.

I'm in a stable, loving and very much everything is equal relationship, and in the new year am looking to move out of the flat with my work mates and get a place with my good lady Donna, never bargained on coming up here and falling head over heals with essentially the female version of me, it was never our intention for it to end up this way, but we went from drinking buddies, to a casual arrangement to we want to be together all the time.

So yeah am pretty happy right now, there are times when I miss Cornwall, but I've got so much good going on here at the moment that I really don't want to go back down there - unless I have a really good reason.
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Old 12-November-2012, 09:28
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Default Re: Behemoth's - Dislocation - Relocation

Nice to hear some good news from members, be happy !
If you can keep your head when those around are losing theirs, maybe you just don't understand the situation.........
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Old 12-November-2012, 13:45
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Default Re: Behemoth's - Dislocation - Relocation

Good to hear your news Behemoth!
Congratulations on finding happiness at last!
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Old 13-November-2012, 15:54
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Default Re: Behemoth's - Dislocation - Relocation

It was a long slow road, but I finally got there
Is the juice worth the squeeze ?
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Old 13-November-2012, 21:24
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Default Re: Behemoth's - Dislocation - Relocation

Glad its going ok Behemoth
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Old 14-November-2012, 00:36
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Smile Re: Behemoth's - Dislocation - Relocation

So nice to hear a story with a happy ending for a change!! Really pleased it's all worked out well for you Behemoth... especially as you made the most crazy decision ever & left Cornwall for Weston Super Mud!! lol
What better way for the story to pan out than for your 'drinking buddy' to turn into your 'life partner'... no better person to have!!
Good luck & all the best for you both in your future together.
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Old 15-November-2012, 02:27
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Default Re: Behemoth's - Dislocation - Relocation

Behemoth, I admire you. You had the courage to follow your convictions. So many people today complain about their job or their life, whatever, but few will face the challenge of leaving their 'comfort zone'.

You did, and look at the rewards you have gained. Of course you will always miss Cornwall, there are times when we all miss what once was, but you, just like time, moved on. I wish you both all the very best for the future.

I was gonna give you both a cuddle here, but I couldn't find one. :sad:
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