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Default Dropping router Help me!!!

Hey, so my isp is EE *sigh* nothing i can do. But okay so problem is that i drop randomly sometime just out of no where also i'm losing loads of packets on teamspeak and have high ping i have a unlimited 20 meg connection but hardly get anywhere near that.

Here my router stats please look at help :]

Operation Mode Automatic G992.5(ADSL2+)
Data Rate Information
Stream Type Actual Data Rate
Upstream 1128 (Kbps.)
Downstream 15285 (Kbps.)

Defect/Failure Indication

Operation Data Upstream Downstream

Noise Margin 7.0 dB 2.9 dB

Line Attenuation 16.0 dB 28.5 dB

Indicator Name Near End Indicator Far End Indicator

Output Power 12.3 dBm 0.0 dBm

Fast Path FEC Correction NA NA

Interleaved Path FEC Correction 3548761 0

Fast Path CRC Error NA NA

Interleaved Path CRC Error 935 112

Loss of Signal Defect 0 0

Fast Path HEC Error STR NA NA

Interleaved Path HEC Error 3740 104

Error Seconds 698 19


Received Cells 3913026

Transmitted Cells 1088322
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Default Re: Dropping router Help me!!!


So i got a line quality of A, but im still getting a ping of 123 on vent and on call of duty a ping of 70 :/ and still dropping out could someone please reply thanks :]
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Default Re: Dropping router Help me!!!

Your sync rate is about right for your attenuation but is your attenuation correct? Does it sound right that you are approx 2km from your exchange?

I do not see your uptime in your stats.

The CRC and HEC errors may or may not be high depending on your uptime. If I am reading this correctly, your upstream is suffering more than your downstream. This may not be a line fault (but it could be an intermittent one) and could well be low frequency interference. Could the line be running close to a mains cable somewhere?

The first thing to try is using a wired connection between your device and the router and plugging your router directly into the master socket without any telephones or extension wiring connected. If it improves, then you know the issue is within your house. If Openreach were to attend and this be found to be the case, you would be charged for the visit. It is therefore very worth your while beginning the trouble-shooting process yourself.

You have not said if this only occurs at certain times of day. You have also not said what you find your throughput to be. These are worth checking. Initially, try:
and if you feel that is much different from what you would expect, move on to:

After following the advice on the page, run the test. Upon completion, scroll down and press "Further Diagnostics". This requires you to enter your phone number and then "Run Diagnostic Test". There will be a prompt for you to confirm your phone number. Upon completion, please copy the results into a post or somewhere for your later reference.

This test works for BT Wholesale products and running the further diagnostics allows your ISP to access this information. If it is necessary to get them involved, you will have provided them with information they require.
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