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Smile Computer Backup

The last time my Computer crashed it cost me £80 to get it up and running again.I do have Norton Ghost, I tried backing up to

discs , too complicated .I am thinking of getting an external drive,50 GB will be more than enough.What I want to do is back up

the complete contents of everything and anything that is currently on my computer. In the event of the computer crashing

I simply want to be able to reinstall from the external hard disc using a USB 2 ? cable. Can somebody tell me (1) how to do this.

(2) Reccomend an external hard drive. I have a Dell 2400 it's 2 years old. Obviously I am a Computer Dummy.

Any help would be appreciated Mike.

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Default Re: Computer Backup

Urgh, can i sympathise with this one.

I used to think i had a pretty good setup, an 80gb drive which i 'Ghosted' to my second disk. I kept all my important data on the first disk and all my disposable data on my second disk.

Last week i lost the second disk, then 2 days ago i lost i primary too. It's a one in a thousand occurrence, but it happened!

Fortunately i was already building a new PC and I've built a RAID 5 set which means that i should never suffer the same problem again. That won't recover my data though. It's not really practical to do this in your case, but i would urge anyone concerned with there data to bear it in mind when the build a new PC. A board with RAID 5 built in can cost about £120 and you can pick up SATA2 250gb disks for about £70 each, you only need three to build a RAID 5 set but you will lose storage on one disk to redundancy.

Anyway, I would say that you should buy a second 'internal' disk and just ghost your disk to it. I know it didn't work out for me, but like i said its a one in a thousand shot.
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