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Old 23-June-2004, 22:30
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Default Internet connection sharing problem

Hi All,

I'm pulling my hair out her.

I have a Desktop pc connected to the internet via broadband, and a laptop that should access the internet via an ad-hoc wireless connection to that desktop machine.

I have installed both netwrok cards and have a wireless connection (network icon on taskbar says "wireless connection (peer-to-peer) Speed 54mbps Signal strength excellent) but I can't see each computer on the network aven though they both have the name workgroup name and for some reason I can't access the internet though the laptop.

Internet connection sharing is enabled on the desktop machine.

This is particularly annoying because my old laptop running win 98 (new one on XP Prof) connected no probs.

Please help!!!
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Old 25-June-2004, 14:28
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Could this be a firewall problem? Don't forget about XP's built in "firewall".
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Old 06-July-2004, 07:39
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Originally posted by Zer02004
Could this be a firewall problem? Don't forget about XP's built in "firewall".

i hav the same prob, so do i hav to disable the XP firewall? xcept mine is wired network on adsl ethernet router/brigde.

i heard read that enabling DCHP may help but don't know how

Any comment?

btw i've tried to run - ipconfig /all
woooah the output was so fast..cant read a thing
so tried the other one - ipconfig /all >>c:/output.txt
hmm..no output

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Old 06-July-2004, 10:33
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Give the following a try Owen:

When you set up a network with Windows XP (if youre using XP that is) its not really a network. Sounds weird I know, but a microsoft guy told me this, so please dont shoot me.

Anyways, on both machines create exactly the same user with the exact same user name. Like for like basically. However make sure you give the computers different names each. That should 'in theory' sort out your file sharing problem, it did for me anyways.

Now for your internet connection. When you ran internet connection sharing on your pc did u make sure everything connected to that pc was switched on? I know it sounds really stupid but Im just trying to go through the process of elimination. When you run ICS you must make sure that any machines you are trying to network are all connected and switched on as well as printers that you wish to share with the network.

Anyways, towards the end of the ICS process did XP copy some data to a floppy disk which in turn you ran on your laptop?

There are two reasons why you are unable to connect to the internet. One being the firewall. The other may be down to you using a wireless connection. I am taken back a little by when you say you are using an ad-hoc wireless connection.

Although you have described it earlier please may I ask for some more details on your setup i.e. what is connected to what and who your broadband supplier is. Hopefully I might be able to help once I have this info, unless youve managed to fix it already
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Old 06-July-2004, 16:31
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ipconfig /all >>c:\output.txt means output to the text file output.txt in the root of C:

either open notepad then : file open c:\output.txt
or from DOS
start c:\output.txt

NOTE the backslash not forward slash in c:\output.txt
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Old 07-July-2004, 02:46
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Hmm.. still no output.. i did all the rite slashes at the rite slashing point and double checking on the slashes to confirm the rite slashing..LoL...still no output.

the output come out bout 0.01 sec...how to read or even copy-paste

anyway got back the networks..yup for me the firewall really messed up the networking.

still wanna know bout DHCP..anyone posted on it be4..pls leave me a link
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