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News! EE to Cover 70% in January and 98% by End of Year

EE started their 4G roll-out in October 2012. It took only 10 months to gain their first million customers and an astounding four months to gain their second million. This is double the anticipated uptake rate and they have done well to increase data across their network by 70% and gain a 25% increase in voice calls in 2013 alone.

Quite an impressive accomplishment and if they can achieve competitive data rates, people may well dispense with their fixed access systems.

One thing I would like to see on offer is a package allowing for "emergency use". Say for example, I retain my broadband but being over a copper pair this is unreliable. I would like to have the ability to switch my network over to 4G, so I can continue, while the broadband is down. I do not want to have to buy a package, dongle, SIM or whatever after my Internet has gone down, I would like to have everything to hand and only pay for bandwidth on an as-required basis. I do hope something like this is introduced!

You can read the announcement at ee.
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