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Old 20-December-2013, 13:37
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News! Ofcom considers clamping down on BT repair and installation times

UK telecoms regulator Ofcom today revealed new proposals that would force BT Openreach to fix faults with BT Retail, Virgin and TalkTalk services sooner.

The new rules would require BT Openreach, the company which installs and maintains connections to BTs network on behalf of competing telecoms providers, to fix faults within two days, while new line installations would also have to be completed within 12 days.

Should BT Openreach fail to meet the new targets over a 12-month period then it could face sanctions from Ofcom which may include fines.
Read more at Techworld.

This really is good news and long overdue - or is it because this is how it used to be in the past?

Unfortunately, this is limited to only 80% of the time and of course bad weather conditions are excluded. IMHO, 80% of the time is just not good enough. On more than a handful of times over the last three years I have suffered OpenReach related issues for more than 3 months at a time!

The amount of wasted time and resources is also a huge fall-down. I am sure that tightening this up, combined with giving more freedom to the field engineers could go a very long way towards attaining quicker fault resolution.

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Old 31-December-2013, 21:10
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Default Re: Ofcom considers clamping down on BT repair and installation times

IMHO Ofcom should be replaced with a body with the ability and guts to actually do something that helps the users!

Ofcom have proved to be a ineffective organisation that spends more time licking the butts of the providers than helping the consumers!

Sorry to be blunt but Ofcom are useless!
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Old 01-January-2014, 03:10
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Default Re: Ofcom considers clamping down on BT repair and installation times

I don't think you have any need to apologize.

I do agree with you that insufficient/inadequate steps to benefit the End User are certainly an issue. What I am not sure about is their assisting the providers.

To try and explain here, the way I see is is the main issue is a monopoly trying to pretend it is not a monopoly. By that, I refer to the BT Group. Agreed that Ofcom are supposed to "regulate" them but just how easy a task is that?

BT Wholesale and Openreach are set up in such a way to be very frustratingly "untouchable". This makes it very hard for the End User, Communication Provider and Ofcom. I do not see Ofcom pandering to any provider at all. I do not disagree though they do not have their fall-downs.

In relation to this recent move, consider that 50% of faults are insignificant stuff, like people forgetting their login or not knowing how to set something up. This falls in the domain of the Communications Provider. If that happens to be BT Retail, then yes it affects BT. Then there is a further 40% which merit Wholesale / Openreach attention and a simple fix is applied. This really is the 80% referred to. In essence, simple fixes are being encouraged to be faster. This completely overlooks the more complex faults! People can and do suffer for weeks, months and years. What about them?

OK, penalties, sanctions, fines, whatever, it as all money. Do what you want and cover the cost. Openreach need do nothing other than find the money to pay the dues.

On the positive side, I do hope it encourages Openreach (and BT Wholesale to an extent) to look at their procedures and improve on them. They are designed for the majority and do not take good enough steps for the minority. Talk to any engineer on the street and they are frustrated too! Their perceived efficiency is not only inefficient but also lets people down left right and center.

Translated: Openreach procedures often inhibit timely and permanent repairs.

Of course, this action could also make matters worse! What about that poor 20%? Why bother send an engineer out promptly if you know there is not going to be a quick fix?

I really dislike this percentage way that seems to revolve around Openreach. Everyone should be treated fairly and not just the easy ones. I do question if Ofcom is targeting the right area.
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