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Default Website Stuff

Does anybody know anything about starting their own website? I know a lot of people who work in IT but nobody who does website design and a friend of mine is asking for help with a new business.
I came across this kind of thing while I was looking around: http://website.1and1.co.uk/website-builder but some recommendations would be good.
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Default Re: Website Stuff

IMHO, there are no point and click tools on the market that actually produce a decent and SEO friendly site. I would not waste any money on any of them and that includes top brands that have been around for years. There is simply no substitute for hand coding but I will concede that tools like this can be used in the initial stages, just so long as used by someone that not only understands markup but also understands best SEO practices. These change all the time and what was applicable a few years ago is not today.

If your friend is setting up a business, then surely he wants something that will attract people to visit his site, remain there and hopefully take up his product or service offers.

Design actually falls into different categories, with look being only one part of things. A look is nothing, if nobody ever visits.

If this is still on the cards, I would be willing to look at things and take it from there. Just drop me a PM if interested.
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