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Default BT Vision Box Use without BT

Hi Everyone!
i was looking for the BT Vision Box, a product manufactured by philips (DIT7919) with a lot of very usefull functions. is there a way to make it work without the BT Broadband?
it is also a DVB-T decoder and registrer....if i don't get wrong it should run Windows IPTV Edition or something similiar....

any help or information is welcome....

...why don't try to use it without BT?
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Default Re: BT Vision Box Use without BT

Simple answer no.

When it boots up it looks to BT servers if it cant find them you get the bootstrap startup error. it also gets all the tv gudies etc from them.
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Default Re: BT Vision Box Use without BT

there isn't anyway to hack it or unlock...something similiar to a firmware update? or a way to simulate the server in the local network?

...for example if the box searches the x.x.x.x server we can found a way to simulate this server on the local network? or is it impossible?...which kind of control does the box do when it's power up?
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Default Re: BT Vision Box Use without BT

I don't think you'd be able to do what you are suggesting. As I understand it, the box pings the BBC server every few seconds, and expects the correct response. If it doesn't get the correct response, it doesn't work. The response it needs is not the same each time it pings. The outward ping changes each time, so the response would be different each time. Therefore, correctly emulating the server would be impossible unless you have knowledge of all the possible responses, and which response would be required for which ping.
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Default Re: BT Vision Box Use without BT

and what about using it ONLY as a DVB-T decoder? isn't possible anyway?
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Default Re: BT Vision Box Use without BT

and what about using it ONLY as a DVB-T decoder? isn't possible anyway?
Originally Posted by paolettomc89 View Post
Have a look HERE.

The process involves programming a modchip and soldering it to the box. You will also need to connect the HD to a computer and modify (patch) a few files.
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Smile Re: BT Vision Box Use without BT

as eny one got into the bt vision box without bt i have a box keep tryng it but still nothing can some one help me am new to this
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Default Re: BT Vision Box Use without BT


There doesn't seem to be many answers to getting a BT Vision box working after leaving BT so I thought I'd add a simple solution that may work for people with a mate using BT Broadband and BT Vision working on it.

I left BT broadband and when my BT VIsion box rebooted (after about 30 days) it wouldn't get beyond a error screen trying to locate an internet connection.

However I have found a simple work around which involved taking my BT Vision box round to a mates house who had a working BT Vision service. I simply plugged it in at my mate's house and let it do it's updates then when I brought it home again, I was able to skip another upgrade screen (i selected the 'remind me in 3 hours' option). I also had to skip the initial scan for TV channels screen by selecting the 'BT Vision' button and immediately got the full menus back again.

So far (about 1 month later) the BT vision box has been working with no problem using a different broadband provider. Stuff like I-player works, I can also record and watch previous recordings again. I just must remember not to turn the power off. Standby seemed to work ok.

So, if you know someone with BT VIsion then see if you can give your old Vision box a jump start again.

Hope this helps someone. I know it doesn't solve how to hack it problems and get it working independently but it might just allow people to use their BT VIsion boxes for a little longer.
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