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Old 03-January-2014, 16:05
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Default Firefox Extentions - Must Have List

I'd like to make a list of useful extensions for Firefox and why. Please add your own and discuss.

Web Developer: This little addon still has so much more than the built-in version. I probably use this daily and it is a must have if you work with webpages but if you do, you probably already use this!

Adblock Plus: Does what it says on the tin! Ads can suck up your bandwidth and eliminating them can give you more to play with as it actually prevents ads from downloading. It should also be considered a security feature as much malware can be transferred by bad ads.

Flashblock: In case you hadn't guessed from the name, it blocks flash objects. Tired of visiting sites and find auto-playing videos and Flash adverts? This is what you need. All is blocked by default and you can either choose to play the Flash content or not. You can also whitelist sites like YouTube, where you always wish to see auto-playing Flash.

Custom Tab Width: Use a lot of tabs? Like to be able to see more? It used to be the case that these could be set in about:config but not in later versions. This handy little addon allows you to easily set a width to suit you. I have worked very well for years at 75px, instead of the default 140px. Some like more and some less.

UnloadTab: Power user? Have dozens of tabs open at once? Leave Firefox running for days or weeks? This is for you! This extension unloads tabs from memory, freeing up resources for where you need them. You can whitelist sites to keep tabs permanently loaded or you can set them to unload after a set period of time. I do not advise setting too short a time. It also allows for manual unloading of a tab. This saves me a lot of hassle!

Stylish: Allows you to tweak pages to how you would prefer to see them. Write your own CSS to override that of a page. Restyle your webmail inbox for example or hide ugly advertisement blocks. There is also a selection of User made styles available for popular sites, allowing you to retheme them quickly and easily.

There are many more! It just comes down to what your regular use is though. I might add a few more but they will be less generic. Add your own or feel free to ask.
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Old 04-January-2014, 12:49
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Talking Re: Firefox Extentions - Must Have List

Use Google Chrome!
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Old 05-January-2014, 21:46
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Default Re: Firefox Extentions - Must Have List

Not everybody likes Chrome, and I'm really not a fan. Don't know what it is but have always been very keen on Firefox
Is the juice worth the squeeze ?
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