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Default Can't cook - need to

When I was young, my mother never taught us kids how to cook. When I married, my late wife who was older than me insisted the kitchen was her domain. As such, I still never learnt how to cook. Iíve got by on frozen foodstuffs up until now. At Christmas my daughter bought me a slow cooker, so now I might start to learn.
Looking through some of the recipes, I realise that my cupboards are gravely under stocked with things like olive oil, sunflower oil, spices and herbs and what have you. In fact thereís none of these things in my cupboards. So, anyone out there able to give me at least a basic list of what I should be filling a cupboard with? Iím not a lover of over spicy food but I do like it to have a flavour if I can get it.
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Default Re: Can't cook - need to

Things you may want to keep stocked up on -

Supermarket own brand chopped tinned tomatoes
Oxo stock cubes, beef, veg and chicken ones
Gravy granuals
Chciken breasts,chuck steak (beef for stews etc)
Onions, garlic that kind of thng really - carrotss and other veg if you like.

Really just get what takes your fancy.
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Post Re: Can't cook - need to

Always bearing in mind that any fresh veg you get such as carrots, parsnip, swede, celeriac, turnip, etc., will only last a few days in a cold room (warm rooms make them wilt & go soft quicker). If you want to buy fresh & you're not using all of them immediately, peel, chop & freeze them. I've found most veg freeze easily by putting them in a sealed freezer bag with the air squished out, straight into the freezer. I never bother blanching them first, they don't need it. As long as they're used within approx. 3 months or so they'll be fine.
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Default Re: Can't cook - need to

See, I knew I could rely on you. I haven't yet actually ventured into my slow cooker, but what I have done is start to fill a cupboard with things all weird and wonderful. Wine vinegar, olive oil, spices of all kinds (although I did manage to drop and smash a glass of Thyme). My freezer contains various cuts of beef, pork and chicken, so I am all set really for my first trial. I shall let you know how I get on.
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