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Old 28-December-2013, 23:55
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News! FINsix Set to Reduce Size and Weight of Power Adaptors With Other Advantages

FINsix are not a new company but they have been steadily working at increasing the efficiency of power supplies and reducing their size and weight.

Their first product will be a 65W Laptop Adapter that is four times smaller and six times lighter than what is typically found on the market today. The design also provides a USB port for powering or charging other devices.

What is interesting about this product are the methods used to achieve the results. This could be the first step in quashing the scourge of cheap and nasty Switch Mode Power Supplies, which can produce a lot of ElectroMagnetic Interference and especially as components begin to fail. This EMI from conventional SMPS can cause havoc with ADSL connections as well as to a degree Fibre To The Cabinet because the frequency tends to be around the 1MHz mark. The FINsix adapters run in the VHF range, which is well away from ADSL and FTTC frequencies.

Reduction in size is a great thing for today's devices but this is not really just a product that is being developed here; it is a new breed of PSU, which will hopefully find its way into everyday applications such as LED drivers, flatscreen TVs, all-in-one PCs, medical devices, etc.

Sadly, the 65W Laptop Adapter will not be on the market until the middle of 2014 but I am really looking forward to the great advantages this way of doing things will bring the future.
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Old 31-December-2013, 13:01
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Default Re: FINsix Set to Reduce Size and Weight of Power Adaptors With Other Advantages

On the environmental front I tended not to dispose of adapters when scrapping an electric item.

The problems was that one never had a recycled power adapter that matched that of the new product!

So I ended up purchasing a mains adapter that had switchable outputs together with various output plugs.

Progress for me would be for manufacturers to standardise more on power input requirements.

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