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Old 06-April-2002, 12:45
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Red face embarrassing CDROM problem

Okay - here it is.

About a year ago, I bought a combined CDRW/DVD drive. The main reason was because my hard disk was filling up and I wanted to make backups of my MP3's. Didn't intend to get DVD at first but thought that since the price was reasonable, I went for it.

However, at the time that I bought it, I also had a second hand hard disk which was cast off by one of my relatives. I didn't know how to install hard disks in computers at the time. However, once I got the new CDROM drive and followed the instructions, it occurred to me that these IDE devices are all pretty similar, so I managed to install the second hand hard disk pretty much by following the instructions for the CDROM drive. Thereby doing away with the immediate need for having a CD burner in the first place.

Which was fortunate. Because have I managed to get it to make CD's? Have I hell! I managed to get it to make an audio CD copy of Garbage's album Beautiful Garbage once successfully, but that's it. Ever since then, when I try to start adaptec easy CD creator, it says it's not plugged in.

However, fortunately, it plays CD's and DVD's. And now my second hard disk is almost full of MP3's and MPEGs downloaded from the internet, and encoded from ripped CDs and DVDs. So, erm, it's kinda important that it works again.

Snags? I uninstalled the adaptec easy CD software. Plus, I've hunted around my flat and can't find the CDROM to reinstall it.

I did try the trial version of Nero as well, but couldn't get that to work either.

So I'm fairly confident that if I got a new or second hand CDROM drive, I'd be able to plug it into the computer so that it reads CD's, however, I'm not so confident about being able to get burner software to work.

Of course, sorry to hear about WL's problem at http://www.the-scream.co.uk/forums/s...?threadid=4985 - which makes me particularly anxious to make sure that the same thing that doesn't happen to me.

Sorry that it's a bit of vague question about a daft situation, but where do people reckon I should go from here, preferably involving minimum spend on new software and hardware? Thanks, it's really really appreciated.
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