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Old 30-December-2003, 19:55
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Default virgin: port blocking / home web hosting

Hi there,

Apologies if this has been asked or discussed before but I could not find anything.

I'm trying to run a webserver on my pc via my virgin ADSL connection. I have done this successfully before over cable (using a dynamic DNS service to get around the dynamic IP etc). I'm having problems and am trying to eliminate what is working and what is not.

My question is: does anyone know if Virgin blocks ports? also has anyone successfully setup a home webserver via virgin ADSL?

The setup I have is: Netgear DM602 modem (acting as router), Linksys wireless router/access point (acting as gateway). When I get someone to browse to my dynamic IP (got via http://www.whatismyip.com) they get "page cannot be found". Oddly enough, when I try to my IP from my own machine i get a login screen for the Netgear modem. My webserver is working fine as I can bring up the home page on my other pc by using the LAN IP of the webserver machine.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Old 31-December-2003, 07:40
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A good way to see if your server is visable externally is to use Rex Swain's HTTP Viewer

Have you mapped the connection properly through the router?
Try mappingthe connection to the webserver via a different port number to see if a port block has been actioned on port 80.

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Old 31-December-2003, 18:17
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Default still no go - i think virgin are blocking all ports?

Thanks for your help Onslo,

Rex Swain's HTTP Viewer is very useful (faster than waiting until someone comes onto messenger).

I tried a port other than 80 for my HTTP server (port 4567) and it still does not work. I also DMZ'd my webserver machine and still no go.

Does it seem likely that virgin would block all ports? You wouldn't think so?

I'm beginning to think it might be my Netgear DM602 router. It has the latest firmware etc. Is there a way to test whether the port-forwarding or DMZ is actually working I wonder?

Could it have something to do with my Linksys router (acting as a gateway)?

If anyone has any ideas for things to eliminate I would be most grateful. Or if someone can say they are hosting HTTP server on virgin ADSL that would also be useful.

Happy New Year


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Old 01-January-2004, 02:14
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Have you tried Shields Up


"Thinking about what you might not be able to control, only wastes time and energy, till it eventually becomes your enemy."
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Old 02-January-2004, 16:37
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Smile Works - virgin does not block ports (so far)

Thanks for the help chaps. I got it working after much trial-and-error. A few conclusions for anyone with similar problems:

1] virgin adsl do not appear to block ports (i.e. you can host a webserver or whatever at home)

2] Rex Swain's HTTP Viewer is a great tool for testing whether your website is accessible on the net. If I try browsing to my WAN IP (i.e. the external internet IP) the Netgear modem thinks I want to configure it so it returns itís own config pages (rather than my website)

3] if anyone is having trouble getting webhosting working with a modem >> router >> PC(s) setup, please ask as I can describe my setup.


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Old 02-January-2004, 20:18
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Hi Mate! Buddy! Pal!! Tell me your secret please!
I have been trying to solve the same problem for months!!

Any help would be appreciated.

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Old 22-January-2004, 22:08
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Default my working setup...

Hi Peter and Troy,

Apologies for the slow reply - i was having some other problems..

OK, the basic trick is to assign static IPs to the modem, router and your pcs and forward the ports. I.e. modem forwards port 80 (http) to the router and the router in turn forwards port 80 to the webserver machine.

Well a picture paints a thousand words... so I have put these words plus the config pages of my modem and router on my other site

(actually give me 5 min - i'm just uploading those pages now...)

i hope that helps. if you need anymore help (or if my other site dies) please email me on malcolm_macaulay at hotmail dot com


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Old 16-June-2010, 19:47
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Smile Re: virgin: port blocking / home web hosting

How did you give the modem and router a static IP when Virgin doesn't give out static Ip's?
If the IP changes than surely you wont be able to connect
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Old 20-June-2010, 17:18
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Default Re: virgin: port blocking / home web hosting

I think it's a bit late to ask questions about this thread - it's over six years old

Anyway, you can assign a static IP address to anything within your home network instead of letting it sort out its own DNS. The IP address from the ISP does not affect the IP range within a home network.
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Old 20-June-2010, 19:16
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Default Re: virgin: port blocking / home web hosting

yep - IPs within a home network can be assigned statically

with i'net side IPs, you can have a dynamically assigned IP but point a domain name to the current IP address so it is always addressible http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_DNS

if you search google there's lots of free dynamic DNS providers around - http://www.technopagan.org/dynamic/ - might be old now
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