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Old 08-July-2008, 14:07
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Default Netgear DG834G Wireless Router and Wanadoo Broadband

Hi there i was wanting to know if you could help at me at all,
Right I have a problem with setting up, what it is im with wannadoo (orange) and i brought a laptop the weekend plus a netgear wireless router system.. I set the router up on my desktop computer and got all the lights that are supposed to light up except the internet light, troubleshooted it and it said to contact my isp so did and they said all adsl's were active it must be the netgear.. Phoned netgear and thet are saying its the internet connection??? anyway took the wireless away and set it back up with my touchspeed modem and the internet works fine... At this point im very confused to what to do next.. So rang wanadoo and they sending me a live box instead to try, just wanted to know if anyone else has had one and will it work????????????
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Old 08-July-2008, 15:01
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Default Re: Netgear DG834G Wireless Router and Wanadoo Broadband

Did you ensure that the router was connected to the phoneline ? Next, connect the Netgear up to your computer with a LAN (ethernet) cable, so that you can input your ISP username and password. Then you can ensure that the wireless is set to 'on' and that you have set the encryption to WPA.
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Old 08-July-2008, 15:35
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Default Re: Netgear DG834G Wireless Router and Wanadoo Broadband

see i havent had the screen come up to put my user n password in

You will have to talk dumb terms with me im not with all this wireless stuff really...
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Old 08-July-2008, 17:38
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Default Re: Netgear DG834G Wireless Router and Wanadoo Broadband

When you hit problems with wireless connections always go back to wired.

Connect the ethernet cable from the router to the laptop and connect to the web management interface on the netgear router at
This is where you configure the router settings, you may need to enter the router username=admin and password=password when prompted

Connect the router to the filter/phoneline and run the setup wizard on the above webpage

Usual settings for uk ISPs are; PPPOA, VCC multiplexing (mux) with VPI=0 and VCI=38
You many also need to enter the broadband username and password for your ISP account.

Once this is done verify you can surf the WEB using wired connection and then setup the wireless settings on the web interface (change the SSID to something easily recognised like stacwbaNet and set the encryption to WPA-PSK with a 20+ character password.
Then disconnect the ethernet cable, select the SSID and enter the encryption password on your laptop and verify you can surf using wireless.
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Old 09-July-2008, 09:03
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Default Re: Netgear DG834G Wireless Router and Wanadoo Broadband

ho ok i was connecting it to my desktop computer not my laptop..my laptop is wireless
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