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Talking How to resolve all Livebox PSP problems!

Many people have been requesting this, so here it is! The complete guide to setting up a PSP with a Livebox!


Firstly, you need to go onto the Livebox configuration page. There are 2 ways to do this - either use the link put onto your desktop with the Livebox Setup, or go onto your browser and type in "". When you get onto the page, click the link below and type in 'admin' for both fields. Go onto Configuration, then advanced, then Wireless. Change the security to WEP, and click the button to change it. At this point the router will look like it is going bezerk and it's lights will flash randomly - THIS IS NORMAL, don't do anything apart from waiting. After a while it will calm down, leaving you with one solid light, and one flashing light. It will return to the main page. Then, go to security, then Wireless Connection. Leave your computer at that point, and go to your PSP.


I should warn you that at the end of this part, it will ask you to Test the Connection, which you should NOT DO straight away (i'm warning you in advance because you may mess up at that point). Firstly, go to Settings, then Network Settings. Select Infrastructure, then New Connection, then Scan. Your Livebox should come up with a Security of a WEP key. Go through the process without doing anything, until you come to the point of entering a WEP key. The WEP key is on the page where you left your computer - enter it with NO spaces, and in CAPITALS. Once done, it should appear as 8 stars - you haven't entered it wrong, thats how the system shows it. Go through the rest of the process, editing nothing apart from the Connection Name if you want to. Now, press save settings, but when it says that you can press X to test connection, DON'T press it just yet. At that point, look on the back of your Livebox and press the 1 button, then test the connection. It should work!

Checking it's registered

If you want to check the PSP has been registered, go to your PC and select Security, then Associated Devices. A new device should appear there, but it doesn't say if it's the PSP or not (it could be another device). To check this, go to your PSP, then go on Settings, then System Settings, then System Information. If your MAC address is the same code that is what's on the screen, then you've successfully configured your PSP with yout livebox!

Hope this helped!

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