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Old 30-December-2013, 20:33
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News! BBC Server was Breached by Russian Hacker

A Russian hacker took control of a BBC computer server and attempted to sell access to it to other cybercriminals, according to reports.
Words from the BBC themselves.

The BBC's security team responded to the issue on Saturday and believes it has secured the site. It has not been made clear if the hackers stole data or caused any damage in the attack. Discovery was made when one of the hackers attempted to sell access to cyber criminals on an underground cyber-crime forum, which was being monitored by the cyber-security firm Hold Security LLC.

It is a matter of concern that any server was breached because often a server will store credentials for other servers as a part of an overall system. This appears to be an FTP server, the current use of which has not been disclosed. The BBC remain tight-lipped about the security issues.

This does bother me as it is a prime example. The bigger the organization, the more the temptation for hackers to gain access. One would have thought the BBC would have been well on top of not only their security but also the monitoring of its servers. Today the BBC, tomorrow the cloud service you entrust your personal data to.
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Old 31-December-2013, 12:54
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Default Re: BBC Server was Breached by Russian Hacker

Thanks andrew

I don't suppose they were after getting the originals of all the repeats the BBC are showing such as "Dad's Army" or the saucy bits from "Strictly Come Dancing"

Cannot imagine a fantastic demand for pirate copies!

What were they after? Would it have been information from personal records?

Cannot recall if I had to provide personal details to log onto iPlayer or similar services.

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Old 01-January-2014, 02:17
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Default Re: BBC Server was Breached by Russian Hacker

I suspect it was mainly down to just showing that it could be done. Part of my reasoning for saying that is because of the general trend and the other part is that if anything valuable had been found then it would have been that which was put on the market and not just the credentials. I could be wrong though.
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