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Default Tesco Help!!

Hi there, please help me! I have been a broadband member for at least 2 years with an ADSL modem. Today (having been away for a week) I tried to log onto my business website www.model-net.co.uk and it didnt work. I then tried my server host www.1and1.co.uk and that didnt work at all. The problem is that i can access other sites fine, and other people can access my website as I have received payments today. I contacted 1&1 and they said that their server and my site was fine.

What is the problem?? Is it something to do with Tesco?? I havent changed any settings on my pc so do not understand what is wrong :-(

Please help!!!

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Default Re: Tesco Help!!

If I were a suspicious type, this post would look very like SPAM to me.
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Default Re: Tesco Help!!

I've unlinked the urls so there is no benefit from a SE point of view

andy, have you tried something like

open a dos window / command prompt and type

tracert www.model-net.co.uk

does that work / can you paste the result here?
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Default Re: Tesco Help!!

Hi there, well it isnt spam!! Basically, I altered the DNS number??? Tesco.net provided me with two for dialling into the web (does that make sense??) I simply changed that to checking the 'Obtain DNS server address automatically' on the Tesco Broadband properties>>Networking>>Internet Protocol>>Properties.

Why has this worked when the two DNS numbered provided by Tesco suddenly stopped working? I have read a lot about spyware or something blocking it?
It is obvious that the server was blocked somehow (the server site and the one therefore my website whcih is hosted by the server)

As for spam, I simply wrote the whole web address as I thought someone clever would be able to help me out by simply looking at it and saying... Its IP address is... (i dont know!!) I can assure you, that If I was into spamming, I would focus my efforts on a more 'model railways related' website

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