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Default O2 Pay As You Go Broadband


I am on O2 PAYG broadband. I notice after topping up with credit, after a while the internet connection is really slow. On its PAYG accounts page, it may say I have say 18 days credit left still. But often I find, if I was to top up again, the Internet connection is back to normal. Just curious to know why?

If I am running out out credit would it be just not better to finish up the total cresit and for them to say i need to top up? In the 12 or so months I have been using it, only once has the credit been completed before topiing up, all other occassions it has been well before the end, and usually with the accounts page saying my credit is valid for a good peroid of time like 20 days.

I am wondering if this is a case of big business taking advantage or is there another reason?


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