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Old 26-November-2010, 11:19
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Default Tesco Broadband and iPhone WIFI probs

Hello all,

I have tesco broadband with a Thomson TG 580 wireless router. I can connect my laptop fine via Wifi. When I try to connect with my iPhone it works occasionally then drops out to 3G. I have search the web and tried a lot of different things such as different channels, WEP/WAP/WAP2 with no success. I have also tried changing the DNS on the iPhone to which is the DNS entry I got from the router as being Tesco DNS.

Any ideas welcome.

BTW, the iPhone works a treat on another WIFI router (Netgear DG with talktalk as the provider).

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Old 30-November-2010, 19:34
gareth hare
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Default Re: Tesco Broadband and iPhone WIFI probs

i got the same problem
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Old 04-December-2010, 17:54
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Default Re: Tesco Broadband and iPhone WIFI probs

A lot of people are having problems with this. You need to call them up and ask for the firmware update which should resolve the issue of connecting mobile devices.
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