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Old 30-August-2016, 03:44
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Default Best online service for selling stuff?

Hi folks. Hoping to get peoples views on what they feel to be the best service for selling used and second hand stuff online. I've got a heap of stuff that I want to get rid of but I am way too tight to just take it down to the charity shop! ha ha! Actually, that's not entirely true. Some stuff will be going to various charity shops, but the more valuable stuff that I no longer have any use for I obviously want to sell. The obvious, tried and tested choice is eBay. But of course there is also Gumtree to consider. I see that Craigslist also have a presence in the UK and Ireland now (something of which I was not aware) and I know that Amazon also offer a service to independent sellers of used items. Also Preloved in the UK. Lots to choose from. But obviously they all offer a slightly different service, whether it be a classified ad or auction sale. What have others used and found successful. I have only used eBay in the past but if there is quicker more efficient service out there I'd be interested to hear the experiences of others. I came across this website here in Ireland (http://www.for-sale.ie/) which is quite handy. It pulls the results from a number of the aforementioned services which makes comparing wha'ts working and what's not a bit easier. But I prefer to go on the recommendations of others. So if anybody could share their thoughts on the topic I'd much obliged. Thanks in advance folks.

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Old 30-August-2016, 05:28
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Default Re: Best online service for selling stuff?

As a purchaser I have found Ebay a reliable and effective way of finding a purchasing second hand items. Many vendors provide good photos and descriptions of what they are selling
I buy new goods regularly from Amazon but recall being linked to secondhand traders when a book or DVD etc was not available new. Have emails from time to time asking me if I want to sell books I have previously purchased.
As a purchaser I am put off by any vendor that wants me to collect!
As a seller I don't think it is worth the hassle of packing and postage for fairly cheap items or dealing with the "professional" difficult customer trying discounts for allegedly poor descriptions. Most of my unwanted items end up in charity shops.
Maybe the best outlet for more valuable items is an auction where the auctioneer is linked to telephone and internet bidders?
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Old 30-August-2016, 13:43
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Default Re: Best online service for selling stuff?

Thanks for the feedback Worldlife. I hadn't thought about looking into auction houses. It never occurred to me. I'll do a little research and see if that proves to be a more efficient option. Cheers.
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Old 03-June-2017, 17:51
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Default Re: Best online service for selling stuff?

I have had really good results with that website too. I have used their websites for both buying things in the UK and in Ireland before.
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