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Default Optimise Windows ME


Just read an earlier post about optimising Windows 98 and remembered I had this in relation to Windows ME.

These tips were nicked from CDR-Times

Here are 11 tips that can improve the performance of Windows ME, if that is what you’re after. You do not have to apply them all if you feel you still want that feature.

1. Disable System Restore.
Open Control Panel -> System -> Performance Tab -> File System - >
Troubleshooting area -> Disable System Restore
(While you are in this window click on the Floppy Disk tab and uncheck the box so the system doesn't check for a NEW floppy drive every time it starts.)

2. Uninstall Pc Health.
Start / Run "\windows\pchealth\support\pchsetup /uninstall"

3. Turn off Automatic Updating. (This will hog your modem for 30
mins every day when you first go on line if you don't turn it off.)
Start / Settings / Taskbar / Advanced
then check Expand Control Panel and close and go to
Start / Settings / Control Panel / Automatic Updates and turn OFF Automatic Updating

4. Use ram memory rather than the swap file. (The system needs 64 mb or more of ram to work.)
Start / Search / Files type and enter: "system.ini" then click on it
and open it in Notepad and add this line after [386Enh] (without quotes)

5. Set file system to cache about 20 times higher than its default
setting. Copy and paste these lines to Notepad and name the file
MaxCached.reg then click on MaxCached.reg from Windows Explorer and say Yes you want to add that information to your registry. (You must
set Notepad to "all files" when you save it or it will save as text.)

----------- copy below ----------------------------------

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\FS Templates]
@="Max Cache"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\FS Templates\Max Cache]
@="Max Cache"
------------ to above ------------------------------------

6. Disable these settings in the start menu.
Start / Run type and enter: "Msconfig" then click on Startup and UNCHECK PcHealth, StateMgr, SchedulingAgent and Taskmon. Then allow the system to reboot so all these changes will take effect.

7. Run Windows Explorer and click on Tools / Folder Options / View and select "Show hidden files and folders" then browse the c: drive and delete the _Restore folder. Hold your shift key so it doesn't move it to the recycle bin while you press del. This folder can have hundreds of megs of temp files if you have been running ME for a while with the system Restore and PC Health on. If you get an error message saying there is a sharing violation you haven't successfully turned off Pc Health and Restore. The _Restore folder should NOT appears again in the future (unless you update a key Microsoft program like IE).

8. See if anything unnecessary is running all the time.
Press CTRL + ALT + DEL at the same time, after you have first booted
up and see what programs are loaded. You may find several programs running that don't need to run all the time. Most of them, if actually needed, can be loaded from the Start / Programs menu.

9. Don't let windows run HTA, SHS and VBS Script automatically.
Those file associations allow viruses to infect your system. Open
Windows Explorer and click Tools / Folder Options / File Types and
delete HTA, SHS and VBSscript. It is very unlikely a normal PC user
would need those file associations turned on.

10. Disable "Automatic check for Windows Explorer updates"
From the IE "Tools" menu click on "Internet Options" then go to
"Advanced" and uncheck the 4th box.

11. For every version of Windows you should EVERY week back up modified files, defrag the system and update the definitions and scan the whole system with your favorite anti-viral program.

That's It... STS
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Of course you should always backup your Win:Me install before trying these tweaks out.

Just encase you accidentally alter\edit\delete the wrong thing.
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Default True


True true !!....They forgot that bit...LOL

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They always do

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