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Default Shopping on line.

Not long ago I was a victim of Fraud, all in small amounts totalling 400. Money was taken Via a PayPal LTD in SA JOSE. I have never had a PayPal account
I informed my bank fraud department immediately.
Money was paid back into my account after signing all forms sent to me.
I opened another account just to use for the internet 4 weeks ago with just 50 in.
New Card new account ( card has never left the house and no pin for it ) but I still had money taken out by the same route,PayPal LTD in SA JOSE.
I have only made 4 transaction all with Amazon, needless to say I have asked Amazon to take all of my details from their system, which they have done.
The bank has now sent me a card reader to use when buying online. I hope it works.
Can't blame Amazon, only the some unscrupulous people selling through them. or not!!
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Default Re: Shopping on line.

Wow a card reader for end users shopping online, how does it work? i.e. lets say you are on Amazon or xyz store and it asks for your credit card number, where does the card reader come into play, how does the site know there is the reader when it very likely hasn't been programmed to account for such physical devices?

I am guessing this will be some other type of verification system, perhaps you complete your purchases as normal on websites, but then you have to insert your card at the same time and the bank reports it fraudulent if a charge is made without the card present, maybe?
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We have had Fraud on both of our Credit cards a few months ago but the CC companies stopped them before they actually reached our a/c. One was for iTunes.com but the other was in the UK. In both cases we did not have to do anything (other than to cut up our cards) as the CC Companies opened a new a/c and sent us new cards.

It's POSSIBLE, but not confirmed, that it COULD have been Cotton Traders as they had a hacker early this year but kept it quiet I understand. This we only found out from another source - our CC companies would not make any comment.

There are a few different 'readers' being used by banks etc. I understand that Barclays is one but as I don't use them much (I have their Debit Card) I would not qualify. I read that one of the readers was a fingerprint reader.
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Default Re: Shopping on line.

I wouldnt blame Amazon or their sellers, especially if it happened to your number of times. I reckon you may have spyware software installed on your computer which presumably collects whetever you type on your keyboard and send to those who steal money from your account. Then they fish out card numbers, passwords, CCV numbers and whatever they want. I would suggest doing a thourough scan of your machine by number of various anti-spy/virus/etc software. If they don't detect anything, it STILL does not mean you are safe. Depending on your experience with computers, you may want to monitor traffic outgoing from your machine and see what servers it connects to.
I can give you some indication what soft can be used (it's free and easy to use) from a reputable sources if you are interested.
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Default Re: Shopping on line.

Update on my previous post: I've now got one of those Barclays PINSentry card reader thingies, but I've only ever used it for internet banking with Barclays directly and never for online purchases.. though I can see that eventually becoming a trend to cut out much of the online 'card not present' fraud with normal retailers once they put the systems in place.
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Default Re: Shopping on line.

Online shopping is a best for shopping.and paypal is a provide this type of service.
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Default Re: Shopping on line.

Shopping by Paypal is relatively safer online. If using credit card, there should be a pin which would not tell any person you do not trust.
Good luck and happy shopping online!
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