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Old 04-July-2010, 14:44
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Question Tesco Up to 20 Meg Broadband

I have been on the Tesco 1Mb package since it started, as they were the only one who actually managed to provide me with a full 1Mb service. I know of some neighbors who can only get a 512kb service and that is with BT. It has been mostly reliable up until over a fortnight ago when the download speed dropped to less than 100kb but upload still o.k at over 300kb. I've jumped through all the hoops as they read their scripts and refuse to listen as you explain to them why mostly what they are saying is a waste of time. Anyway at this point they say they have passed it to BT to check. All this time I am usually connecting at 1440kbs but my IP profile has been stuck at 135 (256kbs) so it's really like filling a bath through a straw.
So feeling annoyed because of the slow progress I start looking at other ISP's when I see Tesco offering a 'Broadband & Home Phone Up to 20 Meg' package. Uh!... and this is really what this thread is about. If I click on change package it only shows the usual 512kb, 1Mb and 'finest 2Mb' packages. So I'm asking, how long has this been available? It's not much different from what I'm paying now plus free phone calls. I thought maybe Tesco would have informed it's old customers of any new packages (I can only remember ever receiving maybe two news letters after they said they were going to do news letters). It's probably even a bigger surprise that there has been no mention on this site, which I still check regularly. Does anybody know why it seems to be a secret? http://www.the-scream.co.uk/forums/i...ies/noidea.gif
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Old 21-July-2010, 15:43
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Default Re: Tesco Up to 20 Meg Broadband

I understand Tesco are starting to roll out an LLU service based on the C&W LLU network. this is what you're seeing as the "Up to 20Mbps" package.

Because this is only available in areas where C&W have equipment in the local exchange, Tesco have no doubt targeted their marketing at customer who can receive the new product.

If what I read in the papers in right, Tesco are going to be making a bigger nationwide push in the new year, so this offer might come to you soon.
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